One of an accounting firm's basic objectives is to provide professional services that conform to professional standards. Reasonable assurance of achieving this objective can be obtained by following:
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The particular and specialized actions that auditors take to obtain evidence during a specific engagement are known as:Audit procedures.Which of the following is most closely related to the responsibilities principle?The auditors' compliance with relevant ethical requirements of independence and due care.Auditors' understanding of the internal control in an entity provides information for:Planning the nature, timing, and extent of substantive procedures on an audit.Which of the following procedures would provide the most reliable audit evidence?Inspection of bank statements obtained directly from the client's financial institution.Which of the following is most closely related to the relevance of audit evidence?In addition to confirmations of accounts receivable, auditors perform an analysis of the aging of accounts receivable to evaluate the collectability of accounts receivable.Which of the following categories of principles is most closely related to gathering audit evidence?Performance.Which of the following is not related to ethical requirements of auditors?Professional judgment.Which of the following topics is not addressed in the auditors' report for an issuer?Absolute assurance regarding the fairness of the entity's financial statements in accordance with GAAP.The most reliable evidence regarding the existence of newly acquired computer equipment is:Physical observation.Which of the following principles is most closely associated with the auditors' conclusion as to the fair presentation of the entity's financial statements?Reporting principle.