Unit 7 Quiz Life Skills

Ezra wants to go into a career where he helps people and is thinking about teaching or nursing. Juanita is more interested in business because she has always wanted to lead a company one day. What does this show about Ezra and Juanita's values?
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Matilda and Quinton are in high school and know that they really want to be parents one day. Matilda loves kids and works in a preschool after school. Quinton has a job as well, does not think he wants to go to college, and plans to get a full-time job after graduation. They think they could probably handle a child now. What is the BEST advice to give Matilda and Quinton?
What determines whether or not a person who tries alcohol or drugs will become addicted?it is very individual, so it is hard to say who will become an addict.Ava has gotten to the point in her life where she does her homework without being told and goes to bed at a reasonable hour. Her parents have gotten rid of her curfew an other restrictions because they have noticed how responsible she has become. Which word BEST describes Ava's behavior?autonomousDemarcus's favorite food is spaghetti with tomato sauce, and he eats a big plate of it whenever he gets the chance. He just learned more about nutrition and wants to use the MyPlate guidelines. How could he make sure his favorite meal is in line with these guidelines?he could eat less pasta and add fruits and vegetablesWhy are teen mothers more prone to medical complications during pregnancy than adult mothers?teens are less likely to have access to good medical careWhy is understanding serving size an important part of building good nutritional habits?serving size shapes many elements of nutrition