Unit 8 Quiz Life Skills

Which is an example of identifying a goal?
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Kiren has a long-term goal of becoming an engineer. However, she is going to have to work her way through college, so she plans to take a few classes at a local community college and eventually transfer to a four-year college. Which is the BEST short-term goal that would help her reach her long-term goal?
How do employees without children benefit from family-friendly policies?The workplace can offer flexibility that makes for a better life-balance for allCarter has some big goals in his life, but he is doing very little to actually work towards achieving these goals. He hasn't spent any time analyzing his problems or designing experiences to solve them. What kind of approach is Carter taking?passiveDonna recently joined the ROTC at her high school in effort to improve her college applications and get in better shape. She has been struggling to keep up with the rest of the group physically, and she is finding it difficult to balance schoolwork and ROTC training. However, she is determined to keep trying and not give up on succeeding in school and ROTC. What trait is she exhibiting?perseveranceMonty generally does very well when he starts a project. However he does not do as well once they are up and running and tends to struggle to keep momentum going. The quality of his work is fine, but he has a hard time getting it done. What quality does he need to work on?persistenceAlyssa is a divorced mother with three children. She has a job but wants to move up in her career. She is offered a significant promotion, but it requires a lot of travel, and Alyssa has custody of her children 50 percent of the time. Should she take this job?Yes, if she has a good support in managing her family responsibilities