25 terms

dental specialties

endodontics, oral pathology, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, and public heath are all
recognized dental specialties
radiology, implants, oral biology, dental education, esthetic dentistry, laser dentistry are all
not specialties
DDS means
doctor of dental surgery
DMD means
doctor of dental medicine
equipped to perform all routine dental procedures, fulfills the role of case manager for the patient, will refer special needs cases
general dentist
a licensed general dentist that has received specific additional training in one of the recognized specialty areas and one that limits his/her dental practice to specialty
dental specialist
2-3 years post doctoral, concerned with the morphology, physiology, and pathology of the dental pulp is
this that are not recognized specialties do not include
extra schooling
use broaches and files to remove the necrotic pulp and place gutta percha in the canal would be a job for
2-3 post doctoral, typically not a clinical position, works in lab with tissue samples, expert in gathering and assessing info gathered from radiographs, microscopic exams, patient interviews and various lab tests, to determine diagnosis and with it a prognosis
oral pathology
punch biopsy is
under the surface
brush biopsy is
uses a brush to take the skin layer off
4-5 years post doctoral, many programs offer medical degree, MD, as part of curriculum, the provide surgical treatment modalities for injured, deformed, or maliformed structures of the jaws and surrounding areas. Cancer tx, complex infections, impacted teeth, tumor removal, etc can place implants
oral surgery
oral surgeons do this, goes around entire jaw
oral surgeons do this, small piece in the front
implants oral surgeons do
2-3 post doctoral, provide care that will manage and modify the normal growth and development of the oral structures, max function and esthetics of the teeth as a whole, very heavy on physics
fix teeth that are out of alignment, palatal expansion, closure of diastema
2 years post doctoral, concerned with the diagnosis and tx of children dental pathologies from birth through adolescence, also concerned with individuals who are mentall or physically unable to control themselves, usually smaller furniture and bright walls in office
pediatric dentistry
place sealants (etch wash seal), space maintainer for premature exfoliation of prim tooth
2-3 years post doctoral, concerned with diseases affecting the support strcutures of the teeth: alveolar bone, gingiva, PDL, mucosa, preliminary periodontal care is often in the hands of hygienist
do givgivectomy, enlarged gingiva has been removed
2-3 post doctoral, fixed and removable prosthodontics, replacement of missing teeth and support structures, many general dentists provide prosthetics routinely and refer the more complex cases to
do full upper denture and partial lower denture, fixed bridges, maryland bridges
2 year post doctoral, masters in public health, education, oral health of entire community, community fluoridation
public health