SAT Vocabulary 91-108

27 terms by bamasis212

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Allay Alleviate Assuage

appease, mitigate, mollify

Appease Mitigate Mollify

allay, alleviate, assuage

Banal Hackneyed Trite

commonplace, trivial or made common and worn out by overuse


an introduction to a musical


an introduction to a performance


an introduction to a poem, play, etc.


an introduction to a constitution or legal document


an introductory statement to a book, article, or speech


a concluding musical section


a concluding section of a literary work


an addition or supplement to a book


a note or series of notes appended to a completed letter; abbreviated P.S.


to suspend until a later time


a temporary gap, break in continuity, moratorium, respite


a temporary pause, suspension of activity


a temporary pause, adjournment, hiatus


impromptu - done on the spur of the moment


rash - done on first impulse, without careful thought


impetuous - done on the spur of the moment


impulsive - done on first impulse, without careful thought

Garrulous Loquacious Verbose

overly talkative

Laconic Reticent

succinct, taciturn - saying little, keeping brief and to the point

Succinct Taciturn

laconic, reticent - saying little, keeping brief and to the point

Fleeting Transient

temporary, ephemeral, evanescent

Ephemeral Evanescent

temporary, fleeting, transient

Absolve Vindicate

exculpate, exonerate - to free from blame, prove guiltless

Exculpate Exonerate

absolve, vindicate - to free from blame, prove guiltless

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