CH 11 SS

Chapter 11 in the book, all the terms they said to review at the end of the chapters, almot complete! and for those who find mistakes or want to make this set better, the password is our villages nickname, no spaces or anything. HINT: its not village love.
Andrew Jackson
The nations 7th President, a war hero and Democratic- Republican
Henry Clay
Ran again John Adams and Andrew Jackson and ended up being appointed John Adams Secretary of State
Democratic- Republicans
Supporters of states rights, more popular with lower classes
National Republicans
Supporters of a strong central government who favored road building and supported the Bank of the United States to shape the nation's economy; many were farmers or merchants
Favorite Son
A politician favored mainly in his or her home state
More then half of voters
Largest amount of voters
The campaign tactic, introduced in the 1828 campaign, in which opponents are insulted
An overwhelming victory
Nullification Act
Act passed by the South Carolina state legislature declaring that it would not pay "illegal" tariffs
Force Bill
The bill authorized President Andrew Jackson's use of whatever force necessary to execute laws
The right to vote.
System in which nonelected laws and officials carry out laws and policies
Spoils System
System where presidents can appoint their supporters to gevernment positionss
A private meeting of members of a political party to select candidates.
Nominating Convention
A meeting where states send delegates to select the party's political candidate for the Presidency
a government tax on imports or exports
To make void
To withdraw from union or association like the Government of America
State's Rights
the belief that an individual state may restrict federal authority
Indian Removal Act
Bill passed which allowed treaties to be negotiated with the American Indians in which they would give up their land and move west
General Winfield Scott
American general who led 7,000 troops to slaughter the Cherokee and basically whip them to Ohio
Trail Of Tears
The long, tragic march that Native Americans were forced on because they were relocated
Black Hawk
Sauk leader who in 1832 led Fox and Sauk warriors against the United States
Led a band of Seminoles that hid in the Everglades and used guerrilla tactics to defeat the U.S Army
To move or establish in a new location
Hit and run military tactics
Nicholas Biddle
Head of the Second Bank of America, forced to close it down