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The trigeminal nerve branches into the ________,________ & _________ nerves.

-opthalmic, maxillary and mandibular

The opthalmic branches is afferent ____, ____, ____

eyes, nose, forehead

The opthalmic nerve is only _____


The maxillary nerve passes thru the foramen ______.


The maxillary n. is only ____


The maxillary nerve branches into the _______, _______, and ________ ________.

-Zygomatic nerve
-Infraorbital nerve
-Posterior superior alveolar
-Pterygopalatine branches

The zygomatic n. supplies ____


The infraorbital nerve branches into the
____ ____ ____ & ____ ____ ____ nerves.

-Middle superior alveolar
-Anterior superior alveolar

The middle superior alveolar n. supplies

both premolars and mesiobuccal root of maxillary 1st molar

The anterior superior alveolar n. supplies

the socket and tooth of anterior teeth

The posterior superior alveolar nerve passes thru which foramen?

-Posterior superior alveolar foramen

The posterior superior alveolar n. supplies

Maxillary 2, & 3 molars and the other two roots of the max 1st molar

What nerves branch off of the pterygopalatine ganglion?

-Nasopalatine n
-Greater Palatine n
-Lesser Palatine n

The nasopalatine nerve inervates the ______.

anterior palate

The greater and lesser palatine nerves innervate the _____ & _____ _____.

hard and soft palate

The posterior, middle, and anterior superior alveolar nerves innervate the _______ teeth and periodontium.


What does the mandibular nerve pass thru?

Foramen ovale

The mandibular (V3) is _____ & _____

afferent and efferent

What does the mandibular nerve branch into?

-Auriculotemperal nerve
- Anterior>> Long Buccal n
-inferior alveolar n
-Posterior>> Lingual n

The inferior alveolar nerve branches into two nerves: the _______ & _______ nerves

mental; incisive

The inferior alveolar nerve passes thru the ________ foramen & ________ canal and supplies ____

-mandibular ; mandibular; sensation to teeth (supplies all lower teeth)

The incisive nerve passes thru the ______ foramen.


Which nerves innervate the mandibular teeth and periodontium?

-Inferior alveolar n.

The Long buccal nerve innervates the _______ ________

buccal periodontium

Which nerve is used to anesthetize the gingiva?

Long buccal n. of the lingual branch or mandibular V3

The anterior branch of Mandibular V3 is motor to ____ __ ______

muscles of mastication

The lingual n. supplies____, _____, ______& _____

sensory to tongue, lingual mucosa, floor of mouth & taste to anterior 2/3 of tongue

The auriculotemporal n. innervates ____ and ___

temple and TMJ

These two nerves supply taste to the anterior 2/3 of the tongue.

Lingual n. and chorda tympani n.

Which Trigeminal branch is the largest?


Which tooth has 2 different nerve supplies by way of middle superior alveolar & posterior superior alveolar?

Maxillary 1st molar

The Facial n. (VII) is both ___ & ____

Afferent and efferent

Which nerve is very evident when anesthetized because it supplies motor to muscles of facial expression?

The facial nerve VII

This branch of the facial nerve aids in taste to anterior 2/3 of the tongue

chorda tympani

The facial n. passes through the ___ ___ ___

parotid salivary gland

Glossopharyngeal (IX) is both ___ & ___

afferent and efferent

Glossopharyngeal IX supplies the ___ & ___

tongue and pharynx

Which nerve supplies taste to posterior 1/3 of tongue


Hypoglossal XII is the only ____

Motor to the tongue

Which three nerves supply taste to the tongue? (both ant 2/3 and post 1/3)

glossopharyngeal, lingual n. and chorda tympani

Afferent is ____ TO the brain


Efferent is ____ OUT of the brain


What does the internal carotid artery of head and neck supply?

brain and eyes

What are the branches of the external carotid of head and neck?


What does the lingual branch of the external carotid supply?


What does the Facial branch of external carotid supply?

inferior and superior labial branches

What are the three branches of the maxillary artery?


Which two branches are supplied by the mandibular branch of the maxillary artery?

inferior alveolar branch
lingual branch

What is supplied by the pterygoid branch of the maxillary artery?

muscles of mastication

Name the two branches supplied by the pterygopalatine branch of maxillary artery.

posterior superior alveolar

Name the branches supplied by the infraorbital branch of the pterygopalatine branch of max artery.

middle and anterior superior alveolar

Which artery of external carotid supplies greater palatine?

Maxillary artery

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