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  1. deja vu
  2. The distinction between mind and body is an artificial ____________ .
  3. junket
  4. dilettante
  5. fiasco
  1. a that eerie sense that "I've experienced this before." Cues from the current situation may subconsciously trigger retrieval of an earlier experience.
  2. b dichotomy
  3. c a complete failure
  4. d showing frivolous or superficial interest
  5. e The press _______________ was more successful for the new candidate.

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  1. faux pas
  2. understood only by a small group or a select few
  3. euphemism
  4. an accomplished, presumably irreversible act or deed
  5. dilettante

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  1. disheveledrumpled, mussed; hanging in disorder


  2. cloyingenthusiastic and assured vigor and liveliness


  3. equanimityto speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation; to be deliberately vague or ambiguous


  4. He is not above a trivial caper movie like Ocean's Eleven, but invests it with such ____________ that it becomes pure pleasure to watch.elan


  5. charismaa personal attractiveness that enables you to influence others