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is the passing of genetic material from parents ofspring.

George Mendal

was an austrailan monk. in the 1800s, Mendal performed the first major experiments in heridty.


is a feature that has different forms in a population.

True -Breeding

plants always produce offspring with the same trait allowed to self- pollinate naturally.


different versions of a gene are know as alleles.


are segments of DNA. They give instructions for producing a certain characteristic.


an organism with one dominant and one recessive allele fo a gene is heterozygous for that gene.


an organism with two of the same alleles for a gene is homozygous for that gene.


the combination of alleles that u inherited from your parents is your parents genotype.


your observable traits make up ur phenotype.The phenotypes of some traits follow patterns simmilar to the ones Mendal observed.


alleles contributes to the phenotype if one ot two copies are present in the genotype.


allele contributes to the phenotype only whn two copies of it are present.

Complete dominance

if one chromosome in the pair contains a dominant alllele and the other contains a recessive allele, the dominant allel determines thhe phenotype is called complete dominance.

Incomplete dominance

each allele in a heterozygous individual influences the phenotype.


both of the alleles in a heterozygous individual contribute to the phenotype.

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