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American Government Chapter 4 TEST Prep

The national government's control of immigration is an example of what kind of power?
inherent power
What kinds of powers does the Constitution grant to the national government?
delegated powers
The national government provides money to the states through
federal grants
Franklin D. Roosevelt and others who favor federal action believe in the _______________ position.
Nationalist position
Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and others who favor local action believe in the __________________ position
the state's rights position
An agreement between states is called a
Laws that require periodic checks of goverment agencies to see if they are needed are called
sunset laws
What gives the federal government the right to tax your income
16th amendment
a federal order requiring states to provide a service is called a
the first step for congress, when admitting a new state to the Union is to pass an
enabling act
Article four of the Constitution obligates the states to give this to one another's citizens
privileges and immunities
This term refers to the organization of governmenet administrators who carry out legislation
What do we call the return of criminals who flee a state to avoid punishment?
What gives Congress the authority to pass laws like the Civil Rights act of 1964?
the power to regulate commerce
What are three types of delegated powers?
expressed, implied and inherent
What laws require that government meeting be open to the public?
sunshine laws
What type of power would the government use to develop the space program, condut the draft of soldiers, or regulate nuclear power plants?
implied powers
What three things is the national government obligated to provide the states by the Constitution?
republican form of government, protection, territorial integrity
The expansion and growth of the national government is in large part due to three constitutional provisions, what are these three provisions?
the war powers, the power to regulate commerce, the power to tax and spend
Establishing diplomatic relations with other countries is an example of what type of power?
inherent power
The only place a state can sue another state is in the
supreme court
government action in response to an issue
public policy
government control of immigration is an example of
inherent power
enumerated powers in the Constitution are
delegated powers
the basis for the elastic clause
implied powers
State powers are also called
reserved powers
powers that the government does not have are called
denied powers
The clause of the Constitution that states that the national laws overrule state laws is called
Supremacy Clause
Powers directly stated in the Constitution are called the
Expressed powers
Powers that both the national government and the states have are called
concurrent powers
What two things must the states do for the national government?
pay for and conduct national elections, and aprove or reject proposed amendments to the Constitution.