Ground Cover - Chapter 6: Water Supplies and Support

A ____ water supply system may be available to the woodland, brushland, and grassland areas in or near cities and towns. These public or private systems consist of water mains that carry the water from the source to the point of use.
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Vacuum pockets forming due to localized regions of low pressure at the vanes in the impeller of a centrifugal pump causing vibrations, loss of efficiency, and possibly damage to the impeller in the fire pump.Cavitation pg. 157Apparatus widely used to transport water to areas without piped systems or auxiliary pumps.Mobile water supply apparatus (water tenders/ground tankers) pg. 158Street flushers, sprinkler trucks, ready-mix concrete trucks, milk trucks, water trucks from building contractors, highway maintenance equipment, & railroad tank cars are examples of what?Auxiliary water-carrying vehicles pg. 158The three types of tenders have pumps ranging from what to what?50-300 gpm pg. 158The three types of tenders have water tank capacities ranging from what to what?1000 - 5000 gallons pg. 158What are the three basic fire ground applications for water tenders?Water shuttle, nurse tender, & fire attack/exposure protection pg. 158Anyone responsible for the driving or operation of these vehicles (tankers) must be qualified through a standardized program such as what?Fire Apparatus Engineer (FAE) Vehicle/Machinery Operations (VMO) pg. 158What are the two types of portable water tanks?Collapsible and Self supporting synthetic tanks pg. 159This portable water tank uses a square metal frame and a synthetic or canvas duck liner.Collapsible or folding pg. 159This portable water tank is a round, has a floating collar that rises as the tank is filled.Self-supporting synthetic tank pg. 159Water shuttle operations involve the more-or-less constant movement of one or more water tenders between ____ and ____.A water source (fill site) the location where the water is to b used (dump site) pg. 159_____ operations involve pairing a water tender/ground tanker with an engine to extend the engine's water supply.Nurse tender pg. 160What three primary methods are used to get water out of a water tender/ground tanker?Pump the water out through fire pump, pressurized dump of water through a quick-dump discharge, unload water by gravity through gated dump valve pg. 160The most efficient way to discharge water into a portable tank is through the use of _____.A quick-dump discharge system pg. 160The quick-dump piping may be round or square and is generally at least _____ in diameter.8" pg. 160The quick-dump system may rely on what to unload the water? What else could it rely on?Gravity; jet-assisted by small water line from the fire pump pg. 160What is very effective when making a direct attack on low-intensity ground cover fires in terrain that is suitable for water tenders?Pump-and-roll pg. 161How is water discharged during pump-and-roll operations?Booster reel, short section of adequate hand line-sized hose, ground sweep nozzle, remote control nozzle, heavy stream nozzle pg. 161What type of nozzle is this: - used when fuel is relatively short and the fire intensity is low - mounted either at both corners of he bumper or as a single spray bar that spans the entire width of the bumper - control from inside cab - mounted at front or rear of vehicleGround sweep nozzle pg. 162What type of nozzle is this: - used for pump and roll ops - mounted above front bumper - controlled from within cab - capable of flows 10 to 300 gpmRemote control nozzle pg. 162