CLCV 102 week 1

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dys-abnormal, difficult, painful -dysuriainter-between -intervertebralpost-after -postsurgicalsub-under -subcutaneousarthrjoint -arthroscopecarcincancer -carcinogencardiheart -cardiomegalycephalhead -cephalicelectrelectricity -electrocardiogramgastrstomach -gastrichepatliver -hepatomamymuscle -myocardiumostebone -osteocyterhinnose -rhinorrheaelectro/o/cardi/o/gramrecord of heart's electricity [activity]hepat/o/megalyenlargement of the liveroste/o/arthr/itisbone and joint inflammationrhin/o/plastysurgical repair of the noseIf the word ends in... -akeep -a and add -e ex: vertebra, vertebraeIf the word ends in... -axdrop -x and add -ces ex: throrax, thoracesIf the word ends in... -exDrop -ex and add -ices Ex. apex to apicesIf the word ends in... -isdrop -is and add -es ex: metastasis, metastasesIf the word ends in... -ix-drop -x, add -ces ex. appendix ----appendicesIf the word ends in... -maKeep -ma Add -ta Ex sarcoma -> sarcomataIf the word ends in... -onDrop -on Add -a Ex. Spermatozoon -> spermatozoaIf the word ends in... -usDrop -us Add -i Ex alveolus -> alveoliIf the word ends in... -umdrop -um and add -a ex: ovum, ovaIf the word ends in... -xdrop -x add -ges ex. phalanx -> phalangesIf the word ends in... -ydrop -y add -ies ex. biopsy -> biopsiesPronunciation: -ae or -oepronounce only second letter Ex. bursae (BER-see) coelom (SEE-lum)Pronunciation: c and g followed by e, i, or yc and g have a soft sound Ex. cerebrum (seh-REE-brum) gingivitis (jin-jih-VYE-tis)Pronunciation: c and g followed by other lettersc and g have a hard sound Ex. cardiac (KAR-dee-ak) gastric (GAS-trik)Pronunciation: ch- at beginning of wordhard k sound Ex. cholesterol (koh-LES-ter-all) chemical (KEM-ih-kull)Pronunciation: -e or -es at the end of the wordpronounced as separate syllable Ex. syncope (SIN-koh-pee) nares (NAIR-eez)-i at end of wordpronounced "eye" Ex. bronchi (BRONG-keye) nuclei (NOO-klee-eye)Pronunciation: pn- at beginning of wordpronounce only n Ex. pneumonia (noo-MOH-nee-ah) pneumogram (NOO-moh-gram)Pronunciation: pn in middle of wordpronounce hard p and hard n Ex. tachypnea (tak-ip-NEE-ah) hypopnea (high-POP-nee-ah)Pronunciation: ps- at beginning of wordpronounce only s Ex. psychiatry (sigh-KYE-ah-tree) psychology (sigh-KALL-oh-jee)-algeapain Ex. gastralgia (stomach pain)-astheniaweakness ex: myasthenia (muscle weakness)-celeprotrusion ex. cystocele (protrusion of urinary bladder)-cytosisabnormal cell condition (too many) ex: erythrocytosis (too many red cells)-dyniapain ex. cardiodynia (heart pain)-ectasisdilated ex. bronchiectasis (dilated bronchi)-edemaswelling ex. lymphedema (vomiting blood)-emesisvomiting ex: hematemesis (vomiting blood)-emeticpertaining to vomiting ex. antiemetic (pertaining to against vomiting)-emiablood condition ex: leukemia (white cell blood consition)-iacondition ex. pneumonia (lung condition)-iasisabnormal condition ex. lithiasis (abnormal condition of stones)-ismstate of ex. hypothyroidism (state of insufficient thyroid hormones)-itisinflammation ex. dermatitis (skin inflammation)-lithstone ex: cystolith (bladder stone)-lysisto destroy ex. osteolysis (to destroy bone)-lyticdestruction ex. thrombolytic (clot destruction)-malaciaabnormal softening ex. chondromalacia (abnormal cartilage softening)-megalyenlarged ex. cardiomegaly (enlarged heart)-omatumor, mass ex: carcinoma (cancerous tumor)-osisabnormal condition ex. cyanosis (abnormal condition of blue skin)-paresisweakness ex. hemiparesis (half weakness)-pathydisease ex. myopathy (muscle disease)-peniatoo few ex. cytopenia (too few cells)-phobiafear ex. photophobia (fear of [sensitivity to] light)-plegiaparalysis ex. paraplegia (paralysis of both lower extremities)-ptosisdrooping ex. proctoptosis (drooping rectum)-rrhageabnormal flow ex. hemorrhage (abnormal flow of blood)-rrhagiaabnormal flow condition ex. menorrhagia (abnormal menstrual flow condition)-rrheadischarge ex. rhinorrhea (discharge from nose)-rhexisrupture ex. hysterorrhexis (rupture of uterus)-sclerosishardening (ex. arteriosclerosis- hardening of the arteries)-spasminvoluntary muscle contraction ex. bronchospasm (involuntary contraction of bronchi muscles)-stasisstopping ex. hemostasis (stopping blood flow)-stenosisnarrowing ex. angiostenosis (narrowing of a vessel)-toxicpoison ex. cytotoxic (poisonous to cells)-uriaurine condition ex. hematuria (blood in urine condition)-centesispuncture to withdraw fluid ex. arthrocentesis (puncture to withdraw fluid from joint)-grama record ex. electrocardiogram (record of heart's electrical activity)-graphinstrument for recording ex. myograph (instrument for recording muscle)-graphyprocess of recording ex. electrocardiography (process of recording heart's electrical activity)-manometerinstrument to measure pressure ex. sphygmomanometer (instrument for measuring pulse [blood] pressure)-meterinstrument for measuring ex. audiometer (instrument for measuring hearing)-metryprocess of measuring ex. audiometry (process of measuring hearing)-scopeinstrument for viewing ex. gastroscope (instrument for viewing stomach)-scopyprocess of visually examining ex. gastroscopy (process of visually examining stomach)-erone who ex. radiographer (one who takes X-rays)-iatricmedical specialty ex: psychiatric (medical specialty of the mind)-iatristphysician ex. psychiatrist (physician specializing in the mind)-iatrymedical treatment ex. psychiatry (medical treatment for the mind)-icianspecialist ex. podiatry (medical treatment of the foot)-istspecialist ex. pharmacist (drug specialist)-logistone who studies ex. cardiologist (one who studies the heart)-logystudy of ex: cardiology (study of the heart)-clasiasurgical breaking ex: osteoclasia (surgical breaking of bone)-desissurgical fusing ex. arthrodesis (surgical fusing of joint)-ectomysurgical removal ex. gastrectomy (surgical removal of stomach)-ostomysurgically create an opening ex. colostomy (surgically create opening for colon [through abdominal wall])-pexysurgical fixation ex: nephropexy (surgical fixation of kidney)-plastysurgical repair ex. dermatoplasty (surgical repair of skin)-rrhaphyto suture ex. myorrhaphy (to suture muscle)-tomeinstrument to cut ex. dermatome (instrument to cut skin)-tripysurgical crushing ex. lithotripsy (surgical crushing of stone)-acpertaining to heart cardiac-alpertaining to duodenum duodenal-anpertaining to ovary ovarian-arpertaining to a ventricle ventricular-arypertaining to lungs pulmonary-aticpertaining to lymph lymphatic-ealpertaining to the esophagus esophageal-iacpertaining to below the cartilage hypochondriac-icpertaining to stomach gastric-inepertaining to the uterus uterine-iorpertaining to above superior-nicpertaining to embryo embryonic-orypertaining to hearing auditory-osepertaining to fat adipose-ouspertaining to vein venous-ticpertaining to liver hepatic-archebeginning-clesmall-cyesispregnancy-cytecell-dermaskin condition-dipsiathirst-esthesiasensation (condition)-genthat which produces-genesisproduces-genicproducing-globinprotein-globulinprotein-gravidapregnancy-kinesiamovement-oidresembling-olesmall-opiavision-opsyview of-osmiasense of smell-parato bear (offspring)-partumchildbirth-pepsiadigestion-phagiaeating, swallowing-phasiaspeech-philattracted to-phoniavoice-plasmformation of cells-pneabreathing-poiesisformation-porosisporous-ptysisspitting-therapytreatment-thoraxchest-trophicdevelopment-trophydevelopment-ulesmall