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medical paymentscovers your or your passengers' medical expenses after an accidentpersonal injury protectioncovers medical expenses, lost wages, and certain other costs like child care while you visit the doctor1. health 2. car 3. homeowners or renters 4. life 5. disability5 insurances everyone should have6 out of 10___ out of ___ teen crashes involve distractions15%- Interacting with one or more passengers 12%-using a cellphone 10%-looking at something in the vehicle 9%-looking at something outside the vehicle 8%-singing/dancing to music 6%-grooming 6%-reaching for an objectPercentage of teen distractionsAuto- 72% Health- 70% Life- 45% Homeowners-43% Renters- 14% Fire- 13% Earthquake-7% Flood-6% Pet-3% Travel-3%Types/percentages of insurances we have in the USFalseTrue or False; Everyone pays the same premiumTransfer RiskWhat is the purpose of insuranceSo that the money can cover emergencies for a few peopleWhy do insurance companies have a large pools of people to pay premiums?Health InsuranceWhat is the most important type of insurance?-Doctors -Needs -CostWhen your going to purchase health insurance, what 3 things should you consider?