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What is situational awareness?
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-hesitation to conduct limited visibility operations
-hesitation to use supporting combat systems
-increase of leader self doubt
-loss of confidence in the unit's leadership
-loss of initiative
-loss of aggressiveness during fire and maneuver
-over supervision of units
-disrupted operations
-needless loss of combat power
-general degradation of cohesion and morale
during running rocket fire, align the helicopter into firing constraints with the ____ while maintaining ______.cyclic / trimthe burst radius of the M151 HE "10 pounder" is ___ and can produce a lethality radius in excess of _____.10m / 50mwhen conducting AWS harmonization, the target should be located ___ to ____ meters in front of the aircraft.500-1500mwhat is the gun duty cycle?6 x 50rds with 5 seconds between bursts followed by a 10 minute cooling period For burst settings other than 50, no more than 300 rounds in 60 seconds followed by a 10 minute cooling period, after which they cycle may be repeated.software range limit for the 30mm is?4200mWill the AWS continue to follow the IHADSS LOS when operating in the NVS FIXED mode?yeswhat is the elevation of the gun in the FIXED mode?.87what 3 types of rounds can the 30mm accomodate?M848, M789, M788what is the rate of fire for the 30mm cannon?625 +/- 25is the pilot permitted to make changes to the ARS page when in the cooperative mode?yesName the 6 different rocket steering cursors.rocket steering cursor stowed rocket steering cursor articulating cursor training inhibited cursor training rocket fixed mode no launch constraints rocket fixed mode launch constraintsthe pylons articulate independently through a range of _____.+4 to -15what are the different "modes" the pylons can operate in?ground stow flight stow articulation fixedon preflight, the jettison plunger should be checked for proper gap to ensure ________.the jettison will occur properlyIf the aircrew enters the cooperative mode, the rocket page displayed is the CPG's for both crew members. Either crew member can make changes to the ________________ when in the cooperative mode.CPG's rocket pageM151 Warhead HE is _____________and referred to as the "________________".anti-personnel and anti-material 10 poundera HF-II which does receive an R09 targeting message from the firing aircraft is considered a ______enhanced HF-IIdefine the 60 degree designator offset anglethe angle between the GTL and the LTLwhat are the RMIN/RMAX for enhanced HF engagements?what are the different sections/assemblies of the hellfire missile?guidance warhead propulsion controlmatch the correct trajectory to the corresponding constraints box driver... LOBL ____ LOAL DIR ____ LOAL FLAT ____ LOAL LOFT ____missile seeker selected LOS (HMD or TADS) ACQ window (R6) or selected LOS ACQ window (R6) or selected LOSdefine ripple fireripple fire mode requires at least 2 designators which will allow the aircrew to employ multiple missiles on different codes. RIPL allows for firing of missiles coded to both the priority channel and the alternate channelhow long is the allowable training mode, missile elapsed ON time?30 minwhat symbol will appear on the RF missile icon if the max allowable elapsed ON time is exceeded?OTwhat is "transfer alignment"?MSL receiving updated INU data from aircraft to update IMU transfer alignment (transfer of aircraft inertial data to missile inertial platform) occurs automatically, at missile power up with no pilot action requiredCan the BACKSCATTER inhibit be overridden by the trigger's second detent?nohow long must you lase the target before the message "TARGET DATA?" blanks in the HAD?3-5 seca single scan burst in GTM narrow FOV will give ___ scans3what switch is used to rapidly position the FCR centerline to the line of bearing of an emitting threat as detected by the RFI?cued searchhow is the #1 RFI emitter displayed?homeplatelabel the RFI iconsRFI coarse detected threat RFI fine detected threat FCR detected jammer search acquisition - tracking ? launchinglabel the FCR targetsT/F the RFI can detect and process pulse, pulse doppler, and continuous wave (CW) radar signalstruewhen receiving an RFHO, the aircraft must accept the RFHO within _____. If the crew has not accepted the RFHO message within the allotted time. The crew will observe the ____ ______ message in the weapon status inhibit section.6 min DATA INVALIDwhat is the max PRF laser frequency that may be entered?1788what 3 things cause the LOS recticle on flight symbology to flash?LOS is invalid/selected NVS is at its limit gun system has failed and is not following the crew member's headLabel the HAD1. selected sight status 2. range and range source 3. selected sight 4. weapon control 5. ACQ selected status 6. weapon status 7. owner cue 8. weapon inhibit 9. selected missile L? 10. selected missile R? 11. ASE MAN program statusthe internal boresight aligns the TADS ___ to the laser LOS and the ____ to the ______ LOS.DTV n/z FLIR n/z DTV4 things that happen when you perform a cued searchslaves FCR centerline to #1 emitter selects scan mode and size conducts scan merges emitter for NTSexterior ballistics (GAY-WP)Gravity Air resistance Yaw Wind Drift Projectile Drift (greater than 1000 meters)when starting an internal boresight, what scan size does the TADS default to?narrowWhat are the FCR Priority Schemes?A - Air and Ground Stationary B - Ground Stationary C - Air and Ground MovingAerial Ballistics-rotor down wash -angular rate -turning bank fin stabilized projectiles: -propellant force -center of gravity -relative wind effect -trajectory shift -port starboard effect -projectile jump