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what is a precursor to hormones


what is the main ovarian estrogen


when do FSH and LSH peak in the female cycle

1-2 days before ovulation

what hormone stimulates testosterone secretion

leutenizing hormone

when does HCG peak during pregnancy

8-10 week after conception

what is produced in the adrenal gland and is a precursor to estradiol


what hormone do testes produce


what hormone does the placenta make


what hormones do the ovaries make

estrogen and progesterone

name 2 tropic hormones made in the adrenal cortex

LH and FSH

what does LH stimulate in females

corpus leutium

what hormone does progesterone parallele


when does FSH rise in a female cycle

at the beginning of the cycle when the egg is spit out

what are the 2 phases of the female cycle

follicular phase
luteal phase

in which phase, follicular or luteal, is the ovum released in

luteal phase

is a pregnancy test qualitative or quantitative

can be both

what type of pregnancy test is performed before surgery


what type of test are most home pregnancy tests


what syndrome can LOW alpha fetal protein indicate

downs syndrome

what condition can HIGH alpha fetal protein indicate

spinal bifita

where is a fetal screen done

in utero

what are the 2 most common causes of HDN

ABO and RH incompatibilities

if a pregnant woman is RH-, at what point during pregnancy is she given antinatal

27 weeks

if baby is born Rh + and mom is Rh-, when does mom receive her second dose of antinatal

at 72 hrs after birth

where does erythroblastic fatalis take place

in utero

when does HDN occur

after baby is born

what causes kernicterus and what are the affects of it

it's bili on the brain from hemolysis and can cause mental retardation

at what absorbance is amniotic fluid tested when assessing the level of hemolysis


list the zones of hemolysis levels in order from least to most severe in a Liley chart

zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3

what is the most common cause of newborn death

respiratory distress

why perform a fetal lung maturity test

to see how viable the lungs are

name the alvioli coating that keeps them from collapsing during the breathing process


name the 3 lung phospholipids tested for presence of surfactant

lecithin- most in amount

at 34-36 weeks of pregnancy, what happens to lecithin and sphingomyelin levels

lecithin rises and spingomyelin decreases

when determining the LS ration, what is the over/under number that helps determine the maturity of the lungs


with what technique is phosphatidylglycerol tested

thin layer chromatography or latex agglutination

what does lack of phosphatidylglycerol in the mom indicated if the mom is diabetic

a high risk of RDS for the infant

blood and muconium does not affect what test

phosphatidylglycerol test

what is a shake test and how is it performed

add amniotic fluid and ethanol to tube and shake.
if foam stays for 15 minutes, lungs are deemed mature

name the viscosity test used to check for fetal lung maturity

fluorescent polarization
-don't spin or use contaminated specimen

when should a fetal lung maturity test be done in the course of gestation

18 weeks

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