MLT 121 Test 1

When bilirubin is increased above the reference range, what disease process should be suspected if liver disease is ruled out?
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Splenomegaly as a result of bone marrow failure is indicative of:Extramedullary hematopoiesisWhich of the following sets of organs has the capability of extramedullary hematopoiesis?Liver and SpleenWhich of the following is considered a MALT tissue?TonsilsWhat feature is true for primary versus secondary lymphoid tissue?Primary lymphoid tissue is necessary to the secondary lymphoid tissue process.Which of the following chiefly controls hematopoiesis in the bone marrow?Stromal componentsWhich of the following could cause lymphadenopathy?All of the aboveThe primary sites of lymphoid tissue include:thymus, spleen, lymph nodesWhich of the following marrow elements provides the microenvironment for proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic cells?Red marrowPrimitive erythropoiesis in the yolk sac is important to what process?Transportation of oxygen to developing tissuesA hyperplastic marrow can occur with which of the following?LeukemiaThe hematopoietic compartment of the bone marrow contains what components?Hematopoietic cells and stromaThe first sign of erythroid development in an embryo occurs in:The yolk sacHypersplenism associated with compensatory hypertrophy of the spleen is associated with:Infection and inflammatory diseaseAll of the following contribute to a diagnosis of hypersplenism except:HepatomegalyA characteristic that defines a tissue as primary vs. secondary lymphoid tissue is:The ability of the lymphoid cells to respond to antigensWhich of the following classes of hematopoietic cells has the ability to self-renew?Hematopoietic stem cellWhich of the following cells gives rise to the lymphoid and myeloid cells?Multipotential progenitor cellAll of the following are characteristics of an optimal hematopoietic microenvironment except:Synthetic cytokinesWhich term is used to describe the point when two cells from the same precursor take a separate route of development?DifferentationWhich term is used to describe all cells antecedent to mature cells of a particular lineage?Precursor cellsStem cells and progenitor cells can be measured by clonal assays in vitro. Maturing cells measured by:Morphologic analysisWhich components are included in the stromal cell compartment?Adipocytes, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, T lymphocytes, and macrophagesWhich lineage promotes differentiation and maturation primarily with the use of interleukins?LymphocytesWhich of the following molecules (synthetically generated) is administered to patients with renal disease to stimulate red cell production?EPOAll of the following are functions of the BM stroma except:Incorporation of essential metals into mature cellsWhat property primarily determines the specific targets of hematopoietic growth factors?Unique receptors in the membranes of the target cellsSeveral cytokines are used for clinical purposes. Which three cell lines are primarily increased by the injection of EPO, TPO, and CFU-GM?Erythrocytes, platelets, and granulocytesThe primary site of hematopoiesis in an adult is:Bone marrowThe primary site of hematopoiesis in a 4-month-old maturing fetus is:The liverPeyer patches are an example of:Secondary lymphoid tissueWhere in the body does maturation of T lymphocytes take place?thymusThe primary hematopoietic function of the spleen is:Culling and pittingWhat could cause an enlarged lymph node?InfectionPredict the size of the thymus in a mature adult in comparison with one in an infant thymus.The adult thymus is smaller than the one in an infantWhere are plasma cells located in the lymph node?medullaNormal proliferation of hematopoietic cells in adulthood takes place at what location?Bone marrowThe cellular component of blood that is involved in hemostasis is:ThrombocyteThe protein found in erythrocytes that is responsible for oxygen transport is:HemoglobinWhich of the following is not a cellular component of blood?AlbuminWhat percentage of the total blood volume is composed of formed elements?45