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  1. umi no kurushimi (生みの苦しみ)
  2. umibōzu (海坊主)
  3. umekusa (埋め草)
  4. umare no yoi (生まれのよい)
  5. umarenagara no mōmoku (生まれながらの盲目)
  1. a born blind
  2. b labour pains
  3. c a sea monster
  4. d of noble/high/good birth
  5. e [新聞/雑誌の] a padding, a filler

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  1. a reclaimed land
  2. fortunately, luckily
  3. to go out to sea
  4. one's home town/state/prefecture/country, one's home/birthplace
  5. to make up [for a loss/lost time], make amends for

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  1. umidori (海鳥)a sea snake


  2. ume (梅)a plum tree, a Japanese apricot


  3. umarenagara no mōjin (生まれながらの盲人)a person born blind


  4. umaretsuki no (生まれつきの)born, natural [-> 生まれながらの]


  5. umareru (生まれる)to be born; to come into existence


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