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  1. umu (有無)
  2. umeku (呻く)
  3. umihebi (海蛇)
  4. kanemochi ni umareru (金持に生まれる)
  5. umi no mono to mo yama no mono to mo wakaranai (海のものとも山のものともわからない)
  1. a a sea snake
  2. b [let me know] whether [you have..., there is...]
  3. c to be born rich
  4. d to be quite uncertain
  5. e to give a groan, to groan, to moan

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  1. to make up [for a loss/lost time], make amends for
  2. to be born poor
  3. of noble/high/good birth
  4. an old stager/fox
  5. plum brandy

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  1. umaya (厩/馬屋)to be buried; to be filled up with


  2. umekigoe (呻き声)[新聞/雑誌の] a padding, a filler


  3. umoreru (埋もれる)to be born; to come into existence


  4. un (うん)fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance


  5. umi ni noridasu (海に乗り出す)to go out to sea