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  1. umikaze (海風)
  2. un o tamesu (運をためす)
  3. tamago o umitsukeru (卵を生み付ける)
  4. umarenagara no mōmoku (生まれながらの盲目)
  5. umeboshi (梅干)
  1. a a breeze from the sea
  2. b to lay/deposit an egg, [昆虫が] to blow, [魚が] to spawn
  3. c to try/take one's chance
  4. d born blind
  5. e a pickled plum

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  1. a sea of flames
  2. to be born dead
  3. of noble/high/good birth
  4. women's lib, women's liberation
  5. a seafaring life

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  1. umi no oya (生みの親)marine products


  2. umineko (海猫)a black-tailed gull


  3. un (うん)fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance


  4. umidori (海鳥)a sea snake


  5. umeawase o suru (埋め合わせをする)to make up [for a loss/lost time], make amends for