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  1. umaya (厩/馬屋)
  2. umoreru (埋もれる)
  3. umu (倦む)
  4. umeboshi (梅干)
  5. umarekawari (生まれ変り)
  1. a a rebirth; regeneration; a reincarnation
  2. b a stable, a barn
  3. c to get tired of, to get weary of
  4. d a pickled plum
  5. e to be/lie buried [under]; to remain/live in obscurity

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  1. fortunately, luckily
  2. a breeze from the sea
  3. a groan, a moan
  4. untiringly, strenuously, perseveringly
  5. to lay/deposit an egg, [昆虫が] to blow, [魚が] to spawn

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  1. umidasu (生み出す)to bring forth, to give birth to, to produce


  2. shinde umareru (死んで生まれる)to be born dead


  3. umu o iwasezu (有無を言わせず)whether one likes it or not, by force


  4. un (運)a plum tree, a Japanese apricot


  5. umareru (生まれる)to be born; to come into existence