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  1. umi ni noridasu (海に乗り出す)
  2. umu (膿む)
  3. umare no yoi (生まれのよい)
  4. umu (有無)
  5. umi no kurushimi (生みの苦しみ)
  1. a [let me know] whether [you have..., there is...]
  2. b labour pains
  3. c of noble/high/good birth
  4. d to go out to sea
  5. e to form pus, to fester, to come to a head

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  1. to be buried; to be filled up with
  2. to fill in/up [a pond with earth]
  3. fresh [eggs]
  4. a groan, a moan
  5. [新聞/雑誌の] a padding, a filler

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  1. un to mo sun to mo iwanai (うんともすんとも言わない)to give no answer


  2. umi (海)the sea, the ocean


  3. umizuki (産み月)the last month of pregnancy, the month of parturition, the month in which childbirth is due/expected


  4. uminari ga suru (海鳴りがする)the sea roars


  5. un (運)fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance