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  1. un (運)
  2. binbō ni umareru (貧乏に生まれる)
  3. un (うん)
  4. kodomo ga umareru (子供が生まれる)
  5. umigame (海亀)
  1. a a sea turtle
  2. b yes, all right, very well; OK, sure
  3. c to be born poor
  4. d fate, destiny, one's lot; (good) luck, fortune; chance
  5. e a baby was born

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  1. a seafaring life
  2. to be/lie buried [under]; to remain/live in obscurity
  3. to be reborn, to be born again; to make a fresh start in life, to be quite another man
  4. to form pus, to fester, to come to a head
  5. one's home town/state/prefecture/country, one's home/birthplace

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  1. umarenagara ni (まれながらに)by nature, naturally


  2. umu (倦む)to get tired of, to get weary of


  3. un ga yoi (運が良い)to be lucky, to be fortunate, to have good luck


  4. umuaitsūjiru (有無相通じる)to supply each other's needs


  5. kanemochi ni umareru (金持に生まれる)to be born rich