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  1. umineko (海猫)
  2. umaru (埋まる)
  3. umidasu (生み出す)
  4. umō (羽毛)
  5. umaretsuki (生まれつき)
  1. a one's nature/character/disposition
  2. b to bring forth, to give birth to, to produce
  3. c a black-tailed gull
  4. d to be buried; to be filled up with
  5. e feathers, down

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  1. to fill in/up [a pond with earth]
  2. to be born dead
  3. a rebirth; regeneration; a reincarnation
  4. born blind
  5. women's lib, women's liberation

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  1. umazutayumazu (倦まずたゆまず)untiringly, strenuously, perseveringly


  2. unwaruku (運悪く)unfortunately, unluckily


  3. un ga warui (運が悪い)to be lucky, to be fortunate, to have good luck


  4. binbō ni umareru (貧乏に生まれる)a baby was born


  5. umare (生まれ)to be born; to come into existence