Southwest Region


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true/false: The Southwest region has a large number of states.
false the southwest has few states
true/false: Much of the land in the Southwest region is desert.
true/false: The Rio Grande River forms the border between Texas and Mexico.
true/false: The Hoover Dam was built to control flooding on the Mississippi River.
False the Hoover Dam was built was to control flooding on the Colorado river.
what is a Tributary?
a tributary is rivers that join other rivers
what is a reservoir?
a reservoir are where rivers are sorted
true/false: how is the eastern part of the region different than the western part.
the eastern part is deferent that the western part because the eastern part is flat and the western part bis rolling hills and it is grassy.
true/false: many places in the southwest get 300 days of sunshine a year.
Dallas, Texas is americas hottest largest city?
False Phoenix Arizona is the largest hottest city.
There are many forest in the southwest.
False there are lots of desserts in the southwest.
What is a drought?
A drought is a period of little or no rain.
How have animals adapted to the dessert environment?
The animals have adapted to the environment to the. Dessert by most of the animals being nocturnal. They means they hunt at night and sleep during the day.
What two things made it possible to live in the dessert.
The two things that made it possible to live in the dessert are air conditioning and automobiles.
True/ false: beef from cattle raised in the southwest region is sold to Japan and Other countries
Gold is the most important resource ground in the southwest region
False oil is the most important resource in the ground.
The southwest region contains more oil wells in than any other region.
False they do not have the most oil in any other region.
What valuable minerals are found in the southwest region.
Valuable minerals are found in the southwest region are oil, natural rags, and silver.
What is a refinery?
A refinery powers machines, supplies water for farm land.
List three things the Colorado river is used for.
1. People rely on the Colorado river for water.
2. It supplies farm land and all of the region.
3. It produces electricity.
True/false: United States astronauts train at the Johnson space center in Texas.
True/false: The Colorado plateau is the most famous landmark in the southwest region.
False the Grand Canyon is the most important resource in the southwest.
How did Carlsbad Caverns get discovered
Carlsbad Caverns got discovered by a cowboy named Jim White saw what looked like a plume of smoke rising in to the sky.
What is the petrified forest?
The petrified forest is fossilized remains of a petrified trees.
How was the Grand Canyon formed?
The Grand Canyon was formed by water causing the walls of the canyon to erode.
True/false: More Native American live in the southwest region of the United States?
True/false: Many of the foods in the southwest are spicy
Name the Native American tribes that live in the southwest.
Navajo, resignation Hopi, Zunia, Apache.
List some foods that are made with tortillas.
Nachos, tacos, enchiladas.