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File that is sent with an email document.


a graphic that appears behind the information in a workshee


to merge two different coipies of the same document into one.


a note added to a document or presentation without making any changeso the text

data source

A file that contains the information for a mail messgae


a link in a document to a web page.

hypertext workup

programming languageused by internet browsers to read and display web pages.

mail merge

the tool on a word that creates multiple copies of the same letter, envelope, or table document that is used in a mail message.

page orientation

refers whether a page is laid.

main document

document used in a mailmerge...

merge field

code in a mail merge

page orientation

refers to whether how a page is laid...

track changes

an application that displays web pages with

web bowser

appplication that displays web pages and

web page

page of a web site

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