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-blastimmature cell, germ-cideto kill-critto separate-cuspidpoint-cystbladder, sac-cytecell-dromethat which runs together-genformation, produce-genesisformation, produce-ivenature of, quality of-literliter-logystudy of-lymphclear fluid, serum, pale fluid-orone who, a doer-philattraction-stasiscontrol, stop, stand still-therapytreatment-thermyheat-umstructure-uriaurination, condition of urinean/algesiacondition in which there is a lack of the sense of painamyl/aseenzyme that breaks down starchexud/atean oozing of pus or serumoste/o/blastbone-forming cellsperm/i/cideagent that kills spermhemat/o/critblood test that separates solids from plasma in the blood by centrifuging the blood samplebi/cuspidhaving two points or cuspsblast/o/cysta structure formed in the early embryogenesis of mammals, after the formation of the morula, but before implantationneur/o/cyteNerve cell, more commonly known as a neuronsyn/dromea group of signs and symptoms occurring together that characterize a specific disease or pathological conditionmuta/genagent that causes a change in the genetic structure of an organismspermat/o/genesisformation of spermatozoaconnect/ivehaving the nature of connecting or binding togethermilli/literUnit of volume in the metric system; 0.001 Lgynec/o/logystudy of the female, especially the diseases of the female reproductive organs and the breastsperi/lymphserous fluid of the inner eardoct/orliterally means to teach; one who is a recipient of an advanced degree, such as doctor of medicine (MD)bas/o/philwhite blood cell that has an attraction for a base dyehem/o/stasisto stop bleedinghydro/therapytreatment using scientific application of waterdia/thermytreatment using high-frequency current to produce heat within a part of the bodyepi/thel/i/umstructure that covers the internal and external organs of the body and the lining of vessels, body cavities, glands, and organshemat/uriablood in the urine-ac (cardi/ac)pertaining to the heart-al (con/genit/al)pertaining to presence at birth-ar (muscul/ar)pertaining to muscles-ary (integument/ary)pertaining to the skin (a covering)-ic (norm/o/cephal/ic)pertaining to a normal appearance of the head as used in the objective description during a physical examination-ile (pen/ile)pertaining to the penis-ior (anter/ior)pertaining to a surface or part situated toward the front of the body-ose (grandi/ose)pertaining to a feeling of greatness-ous (edemat/ous)pertaining to an abnormal condition in which the body tissues contain an accumulation of fluid-tic (cyan/o/tic)pertaining to an abnormal condition of the skin and mucous membranes caused by oxygen deficiency in the blood-us (de/cubit/us)pertaining to a bedsore-y (a/ton/y)pertaining to a lack of normal tone or tension-esis (enur/esis)condition of involuntary emission of urine; bedwetting-ia (a/lopec/ia)condition of loss of hair; baldness-iatry (pod/iatry)treatment of diseases and disorders of the foot-ician (obstetr/ician)physician who specializes in treating the female during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum-ism (embol/ism)condition in which a blood clot obstructs a blood vessel-ist (cardi/o/log/ist)physician who specializes in the study of the heart-osis (hyper/hidr/osis)condition of excessive sweating-y (an/encephal/y)congenital condition in which there is a lack of development of the brain-icle (ventr/icle)literally means little belly; a small cavity or chamber within a body or organ-ole (bronchi/ole)one of the smaller subdivisions of the bronchial tubes-ula (mac/ula)small spot or discolored area of the skin-ule (pust/ule)small, elevated, circumscribed lesion of the skin that is filled with pus-algiapain, ache-algia (dent/algia)pain, ache pain in a tooth; toothache-astheniaweakness-asthenia (my/asthenia)muscular weakness and abnormal fatigue-betesto go-betes (dia/betes)general term used to describe diseases characterized by excessive discharge of urine-celehernia, tumor, swelling-cele (cyst/o/cele)hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina-cusishearing-cusis (presby/cusis)impairment of hearing that occurs with aging-dermaskin-derma (xer/o/derma)Dry skin-dyniapain, ache-dynia (ot/o/dynia)pain in the ear, earache-ectasisdilation, distention-ectasis (bronch/i/ectasis)chronic dilation of a bronchus or bronchi, with a secondary infection that usually involves the lower portion of a lung-edemaswelling-edema (papilla/edema)swelling of the optic disk, usually caused by increased intracranial pressure (ICP)-emesisvomiting-emesis (hyper/emesis)excessive vomiting-ionprocess-ion (in/fect/ion)process whereby a pathogenic (disease-producing) microorganism invades the body, reproduces, multiplies, and causes disease-itis (burs/itis)inflammation of a bursa (padlike sac between muscles, tendons, and bones)-kinesismotion-kinesis (hyper/kinesis)excessive muscular movement and motion; inability to be still; also known as hyperactivity-lepsyseizure-lepsy (narc/o/lepsy)chronic condition with recurrent attacks of uncontrollable drowsiness and sleep-lexiadiction, word, phrase-lexia (dys/lexia)condition in which an individual has difficulty in reading and comprehending written language-malaciasoftening-malacia (oste/o/malacia)softening of the bones-maniamadness-mania (pyro/mania)impulse-control disorder consisting of a compulsion to set fires or to watch fires-megalyenlargement, large-megaly (acro/o/megaly)characterized (in the adult) by marked enlargement and elongation of the bones of the face, jaw, and extremities.-mnesiamemory-mnesia (a/mnesia)condition in which there is a loss or lack of memory-noiamind-noia (para/noia)mental disorder characterized by highly exaggerated or unwarranted mistrust or suspiciousness-oidresemble-oid (carcin/oid)slow growing type of cancer that typically begins in the lining of the digestive tract-omatumor-oma (carcin/oma)malignant tumor arising in epithelial tissue-opiasight, vision-opia (presby/opia)vision defect in which parallel rays come to a focus beyond the retina; occurs normally with aging; farsightedness-oxiaoxygen-oxia (hyp/oxia)deficient amount of oxygen in the blood cells and tissues-pathydisease, emotion-pathy (retin/o/pathy)any disease of the retina-peniadeficiency-penia (oste/o/penia)deficiency of bone tissue, regardless of the cause-pepsiato digest-pepsia (dys/pepsia)difficulty in digestion; indigestion-phagiato eat, to swallow-phagia (a/phagia)loss or lack of the ability to eat or swallow-phasiato speak, speech-phobiafear-phobia (acr/o/phobia)fear of heights-plasiaformation,produce-plasia (hyper/plasia)excessive formation and growth of normal cells-plasma thing formed, plasma-plasm (neo/plasm)new thing formed, such as an abnormal growth or tumor-plegiaparalysis, stroke-plegia (hemi/plegia)paralysis of one side of the body-pneabreathing-pnea (sleep a/pnea)temporary cessation of breathing during sleep-ptosisdrooping, prolapse, sagging-ptosis (blephar/o/ptosis)drooping of the upper eyelid(s)-ptysissplitting, coughing up-ptysis (hem/o/ptysis)spitting or coughing up blood-rrhagebursting forth-rrhage (hem/o/rrhage)excessive bleeding; bursting forth of blood-rrheaflow, discharge-rrhea (rhin/o/rrhea)discharge from the nose-rrhexisrupture-rrhexis (my/o/rrhexis)rupture of the muscle-spasmtension, spasm, contraction-spasm (my/o/spasm)spasmodic contraction of a muscle-trophynourishment, development-trophy (hyper/trophy)literally means excessive nourishment-centesissurgical punctureamni/o/centesissurgical puncture of the amniotic sac to obtain a sample of amniotic fluid containing fetal cells that are examined-clasisa breakoste/o/clasisthe intentional surgical fracture of a bone to correct a deformity-desisbindingarthr/o/desissurgical binding of a joint; surgical fixation of a joint-ectomysurgical excision, surgical removal, resectionvas/ectomysurgical procedure in which both of the vas deferens are clamped, cut, or otherwise sealed providing permanent sterility by preventing transport of sperm out of the testes-grama weight, mark, recorddactyl/o/gramfingerprint-graphinstrument for recordingelectr/o/cardi/o/graphmedical diagnostic device used for recording the electrical impulses of the heart muscle-graphyrecordingmamm/o/graphyprocess of obtaining x-ray pictures of the breast using a low-dose x-ray system-izeto make; to treat or combine withan/esthet/izeto induce a loss of feeling or sensation with the administration of an anesthetic-lysisdestruction, separation, breakdown, looseninglip/o/lysisdestruction of fat-meterinstrument for measuringaudi/o/metermedical instrument used to measure hearing-metrymeasurementpelvi/metryMeasurement of the expectant mother's pelvic dimensions to determine whether it will be possible to deliver a fetus through the normal vaginal route-opsyto viewbi/opsysurgical removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic examination-pexysurgical fixationgastr/o/pexysurgical fixation of the stomach to the abdominal wall for correction of displacement-pheresisremoveplasma/pheresisremoval of blood from the body and centrifuging it to separate the plasma from the blood and re-infusing the cellular elements back into the patient-plastysurgical repairrhin/o/plastysurgical repair of the nose-rrhaphysuturemy/o/rrhaphysuture of a muscle wound-scopeinstrument for examiningophthalm/o/scopemedical instrument used to examine the interior of the eye-scopyvisual examination, to view, examinelapar/o/scopyvisual examination of the abdominal cavity-stomynew openingile/o/stomycreation of an opening in the ileum-tomeinstrument to cutderma/tomeinstrument used to cut the skin for grafting-tomyincisionmyring/o/tomysurgical incision of the tympanic membrane to remove unwanted fluids from the ear-tripsycrushinglith/o/tripsycrushing of a kidney stoneapnea (a/pnea)a- (lack of) -pnea (breathing) temporary absence of (lack of) breathingbradypnea (brady/pnea)brady- (slow) -pnea (breathing slow breathingdyspnea (dys/pnea)dys- (difficult) -pnea (breathing) difficult breathingeupnea (eu/pnea)eu- (good/normal) -pnea (breathing) good, normal breathinghypo-deficienttachy-rapida-, an-no, without, lack of, apartanti-, contra-againstauto-selfbrachy-shortbrady-slowcac-, mal-baddia-through, betweendys-bad, difficult, painful, abnormaleu-good, normalex-, exo-out, away fromhetero-differenthomeo-similar, same, likeness, constanthydro-watermicro-smalloligo-scanty, littlepan-allpseudo-falsesym-, syn,together, withde-down, away fromdi-two, doubledia-through, between, completedif-, dis-apart, free from, separateep-,epi-upon, over, aboveextra-outside, beyondhyper-term-232above, beyond, excessivemega-large, greatmeta-beyond, over, between, changepoly-many, much, excessivepost-after, behindpre-before, in front ofpro-before, in front ofab-away fromad-toward, nearana-up, apart, backwardante-before, forwardcata-downcircum-, peri-aroundinter-betweenintra-within, intomeso-middleretro-backwardsub-below, under, beneathsupra-above, beyond, superiorambi-bothbi-two, doublebin-twice, twocenti-one hundredthdeca-tendi(s)two, apartmilli-one thousandthmono-onemulti-many, muchnulli-noneprimi-firstquadri-foursemi-, hemi-halftri-threeuni-onecomata deep sleepconsciawareesthetfeeling, sensationinfectto infectmenstruto discharge the mensespalptouchrasto scrape offstersolidturgswelling