Microbiology Ch 2

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Which one of the following is NOT part of the 5 basic techniques used to grow, examine and manipulate microorganisms in the laboratory (recall the Five I's)?
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Microbial growth on a solid medium is indicated by ______.the presence of coloniesTrue or false: A defined medium differs from a complex medium in that the chemical composition of the defined medium cannot be precisely determined.falseA culture that contains only ONE species of microorganism is called a(n) ______ culture.pureSelect all that apply Media ingredients that cannot be chemically defined include which of the following?Cell secretions Extracts of animals, plants, or yeasts Blood and serumIf a culture contains two or more identified, easily differentiated microbe species, it is called a ______ culture.mixedWhen adequately separated from other cells, an individual bacterial cell can grow into a discrete mound of cells called a(n)colonyA culture that results when a microbe of uncertain identity has been introduced into it is called a(n) _____ culture.contaminatedThe polysaccharide found in a sea alga that is commonly used to prepare solid culture media is called ______.agarTrue or false: "Inspection" begins the process using the Five "I" procedure for culturing microorganisms.falseWhich of the following media can be described precisely as to its chemical content?definedThe visualization of bacteria requires the use of a compound _____ microscope.light or opticalA discrete mound of cells growing on a solid nutrient surface is termed a(n)colonySelect all that apply The total power of magnification of the final image is a product of the separate powers of which two microscope components?objective lens ocular lensis part of the Five I's of culturing microorganisms and is based on visual observations of microscopic and macroscopic growth characteristics.inspectionThis image of a Paramecium was obtained using _____ microscopy.bright-fieldAny procedure that applies colored chemicals to specimens is called ______.stainingThe ______ microscope is used to visualize most types of bacteria.lightFor a light microscope, the lens that is normally located directly above the stage is called the ______ lens.objectiveThe total power of magnification is calculated by the product of the separate powers of the _____ lens and the _____ lens.objective ocularWhich type of microscopy was used to obtain this image of a Paramecium?dark field if the background is blackStaining involves ______.applying colored dyes to specimens