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The first book of samuel -hannah's prayer

the lord gave hannah a son who she promised to commit to the nazirite preisthood.. hannah's prayer expressed the greatness of god

The first book of samuel-wickedness of eli's sons/ eli's rebuke

the sons took the sacrafices of the isrealite people...god informs eli of this and warns him of terror

The first book of samuel-Revelation of samuel

God spea.ks to samuel.. tells him that eli's family will be destroyed.. samuel tells eli and he replies god will do whats right.

The first book of samuel-Request for King

establishment of monarchy! Due to samuels old age and his sons lack of follow the isrealites want a king to repersent them..samuel sees their want as a rejection of god.. God allows a king but says he will not save them when the king idea fails..

The first book of samuel-Saul as king

Saul becomes king by gods choice and hes awful!
God wanted the people destroyed and he refused..

The first book of samuel- David fights Goliath


Second Book of Samuel-Davids Sin

David is now king.. has relations with bathsheba(Uriah's wife) bathsheba sends not i'm with child...david bring's Uriah home from battle in hope of him sleeping with his wife.. but he refuses to return home when his men are at war..david ens up having him killed to hide that he is the childs father.. after morning bathsheba became david's wife.. the lord was not happy. MOST POWERFUL SIN

Second Book of Samuel -

God struck Bathshebas first child ill and he died.. david fasted and begged for god forgivness to save the child but once he was dead he moved on returnign to normal living.. together they bore another child names SOLOMON (KING1)

example of solomon wisdom...

two one one dead child and one alive.. true mohter cried out to give the other women the child and save it solomon said the crying woman is the true mother

upon the death of solomon

divied kingdom


Amos and Hosea

3 fold perspectve of prophets

call- called by god to be spokes person
admonishment- how the prophet speaks about the stray for god
remeberance-the prophet reminds people of the good of god and call on the people to up hold the convanant

Salter- Hymn

awe,wonder, praises to god.. psalm 8- praising god for all he created.

Salter- Thanks Giving

expression of graditude.. could be seen individual and communial.. psalm 30 asking god for help, then after reciving, praising god for the relief he brought

Salter- Lament

crying out to god for help- calling on god in moments of great defeat...asking for help and offering something in return..psalm 51 david asking for forgiveness of his sinswith bathshiba, in return he will spread the word of the lord..

Salter- Royal

praise and prays for the king.. psalm 72- praying for king solomon in hopes of his getting justice.


gives insight, teaching, and guidance on particular issuse.. a palmist warning people that bad behavior brings punishment and good brings reward..psalm 1 true happiness is in gods law, live according to the law and you'll be happy

brueggmanns theory of the salter...

how hymn, lament, and thanksgiving effect human life...
hymn orientaintion-things going good, lament disorientation-crisis,terror, thanksgiving reorientation-releif..


broke the salter down into 5 types... hymn, lament, thanksgiving, royal, wisdom

Kings 1-ambition of adonijah

King David found out through bathsheba and nathan that adonijah had declared himslef king.. but solomon was to be king and king he was made..

Kings 1-Davids last instructions and death

david told solomon to keep the madnate of the lord and always follow his ways and oberve his statutes

Kings 1-Solomon's wisdom

all he wanted from god was an understanding heart to judge his people

Kings 1- Solomons Judgement

The story of two women and one live baby

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