Herpetology: Frogs (Anura)

Scaphiophidae, Scaphiopus holbrookii, Eastern Spadefoot
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Hylidae, Hyla squirella, Squirrel treefrogFamily, SN, CN (faint broken white line)Hylidae, Pseudacris crucifer, spring peeperFamily, SN, CN (cross on back)Hylidae, Pseudacris fouquettei, CajunFamily, SN, CN (3 main back stripes, stripe over eyes)Hylidae, Pseudacris streckeriFamily, SN, CN (AR river valley, large front legs, dark spot below eye surrounded in white)Hylidae, Pseudacris illinoensisFamily, SN, CN (E AR Clay Co., large front legs, dark spot below eye surrounded in white)Microhylidae, Gastrophryne carolinensis, E. narrow-mouthedFamily, SN, CN (fold behind eyes, spots)Microhylidae, Gastrophryne olivacea, W. narrow-mouthedFamily, SN, CN (grey/green, few spots, fold behind eyes)Ranidae, Lithobates catesbeianus, American bullfrogFamily, SN, CN (smooth back)Ranidae, Lithobates clamitans, Green frogFamily, SN, CN (back ridge, large ear)Ranidae, Lithobates sylvaticus, wood frogFamily, SN, CN (tan back, black eye patch)Ranidae, Lithobates sphenocephalus, coastal plains leopardFamily, SN, CN (all around AR, white spot on ear)Ranidae, Lithobates blairi, plains leopardFamily, SN, CN (NE AR, white spot on ear, few spots)Ranidae, Lithobates palustris, PickerelFamily, SN, CN (rectangular spots, bars on hind legs, back folds, no white spot on ear)Ranidae, Lithobates areolatus, crawfishFamily, SN, CN (dark spots rimmed in white)

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