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DPEPDIRECT PROCUREMENT ENLISTMENT PROGRAM COMPLETION OF TRADE SCHOOL &/OR HAVE ONE OR MORE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND SUPERVISORY EXPERIENCE RELEVANT TO THE POSITION YOU WILL BE SERVINGCIRIMSCOMMAND INTERGRATED RECRUITING INFORMATION MANAGEMENTPACTPROFESSIONAL APPRENTISHIP CAREER TRACKNIDTNON INSTRUMENTAL DRUG TEST @ 30 DAY 10% DEP POOL PER MONTH WHEN RECLASS ROLL / ROLL INNATNEW ACCESSION TRAININGNROTCNAVAL RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPRDACRECRUIT DISTRICT ASSISTANCE COUNCELSTARTSTANDARDS TRANSITION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT REQUIRED TRAININGPSTPHYSICAL SCREENING TESTIFAINITIAL FITNESS ASSESSMENTPRISE / RPRIor SErvice (REENLISTMENT RESERVE)WBGTWET BULB GLOBE THERMOMETERDADTDON'T ASK DON'T TELL (HAS BEEN REPEALED)LEADSLOCAL EFFECTIVE ASSESSION DELIVERY SYSTEMATTRITION ANALYSISSUMMARY OF PAST 3 YEARS TO PREDICT WHEN ATTRITES MAY OCCURF.N.G.FITNESS NUTRITION GUIDEP.A.T.E. (4 SECTIONS)1. PROSPECTING GENERATED 2. PROSPECTING SUMMARY 3. PROSPECTING PLAN GUIDANCE 4. OTHER ACTIVITY1130.8JNAVCRUITMANUAL5400.2ESOPMAN STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES MANUAL1500.4NTRAINING PROGRAM POLICY1136.2 QPQS INSTRUCTION5040.2PCOMMAND INSPECTION PRODUCTION PROGRAM5354.2BSEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICYR.P.M.S.RECRUITER PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM KEEP CURRENT MONTH & LAST 12 MONTHS -PLANNERS -APPLOG -PATECRUITMAN VOL 1Recruiting ProceduresCRUITMAN VOL 2Eligibility RequirementsCRUITMAN VOL 3Forms and DocumentsCRUITMAN VOL 4ProgramsClassificationsCRUITMAN VOL 5Delayed Entry ProgramQNEQUALIFIED NO ENLISTMENTQNJQUALIFIED NO JOBDEP CONTACT3 electronic contact 2 face to face DEP meeting does not count towards face to faceDEP contactIMC 72 hour indoc 7 day mentorshipDomicile to Duty is for ORM purposesOnly approved by CORPMS contents retentionPATE for 24 months plus current App log 12 months plus current Planner for 12 months plus currentReserve ProgramsOSVET (other services), NavVet (prior navy), NAT (new accession training), DPEP (direct procurement enlistment program), PriseR (Reclass), FTS (full time support)CanRec career progressioncrossrate to nc and go CRF???????????DEP BOARD TOP DESCRIPTIONSTUDENT YEAR TO DATE WILL GRAD TARGET STUDENT YEAR TO DATE WILL GRAD ATTAINED DEP ACCESSIONS IN CURRENT MONTH TOTAL DEP POOL NUMBERPlanner colorsappointments - yellow qualified interview - green training - purple leave - maroon FS stuff - red DPR - blue Prospecting - orangeInitual Mentoring Contactno sooner than 72 hours, no later than 5 days at FS home and in dress uniform7 day Indocconducted by LPO at the officeNIDT instruction procedures and resultsneeded for - ROLL IN ROLL OUT RE-CLASS 30 DAY PRIOR Positive result is not automatic DEP dropDEP VOL V *promotions while in DEP2 regular referrals = one advancement 1 nuke or challenge program = one advancementSource codesRA - applicant referal RN - national lead OA - online applicationDEP REFERRAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM REQUESTform 5305P.A.T.E.Production Analysis Training Evaluation PATE - 24 months + current Planner - 12 months + current AppLog - 12 months + currentACTIVE DUTY PROGRAMSAdvanced Electronics Field, Advanced Technical Field, School Guarantee, Intel, Challenge, Nuclear Field,DEP folder partsBuild folder at 72 IMC #1 Hold Harmless 72 HR Certificate Page 13 for START guide Release of Information Blank PRC SF-86OPEout of pocket expencesTravel claimmust have turned in within 5 calendar daysFleet Maintenance Cardbatteries, tires, wipersCRFCAREER RECRUITER FORCE Career Path- LPO PQS, CanRec NEC 9585, 5 week CRF Leadership Academy,