HSK4 (lesson 2)

1. 适应
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差不多chà bu duō - almost, nearly, just about right专门zhuān mén - specialist; specialized; customized毕业bì yè - graduation, to finish school麻烦má fan - troublesome; inconvenient; to bother somebodylín - a Chinese family name张远zhānɡ yuǎn - name of a person上海Shànghǎi - Shanghai3.好像hǎoxiàng - to seem; to be like; as if重新chóng xīn - again; once more;尽管jǐn guǎn - even though真正zhēn zhèng - real, true, genuine友谊yǒu yì - friendship4.丰富fēnɡ fù - to enrich无聊wú liáo - boring讨厌tǎo yàn - nasty, to dislikequè - but;yet周围zhōu wéi - surroundings, environment交流jiāo liú - exchange, communication5.理解lǐ jiě - to understand镜子jìng zi - mirrorér - and, but, if, whiledāng - when, just at (a time or place)困难kùn nan - difficulty, problem及时jí shí - in time; promptly; without delay; timelypéi - to accompany

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