Inference Riddles


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I love to eat grass with my sharp "teeth". My home is usually in the garage. I go to sleep every fall and winter, but I work hard in the spring and summer. People push me around outside. I eat gasoline for energry. What am I?
A lawn mower
You will find me when you go outside. I live high above the earth. Some people say I remind them of cotton candy. When I am angry I get dark, and when I am sad I cry. You have probably felt my tears. When I cry a lot I make puddles and small ponds. What am I?
When people visit me they seem to mind that I go after them with sharp objects. In fact, they pay me when I cut them. Sometimes I cut people and give them bangs. Sometimes I cut a lot, and sometimes I cut just a little. What am I?
A hair stylist
We are always moving in a circle. We don't move at the same pace, but we are always close to eachother. One of us is short, and the other is long. One of us moves once every hour. One of us moves 60 times in one hour. Sometimes we have a third friend who joins us, but not all the time. Our friend moves once every second! What are we?
The hands on a clock
I am black and white. I am "read" all over.
I come in many styles, and a lot of people like to check me out.
A book
Billy sat with his head down. He looked around and saw all of his buddies working hard. Billy raised his hand because he knew he needed help. He had his worksheet, but he did not know what to write on it. Where is Billy?
Jenny kept on going. "I can do this," she thought. Suddenly, Jenny saw it; the finish line. She sprinted full speed ahead. There is was, the unbroken line across the end of the track. She zoomed though it...yea! What is Jenny doing?
She is winning a race
Bill put his sleeping bag in the car. He grabbed a flashlight, a lantern, and his hiking gear. He also grabbed some matches for a fire. Thank goodness Billy remembered the graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. The weekend was going to be great. Billy couldn't wait to meet up with the rest of his pack. What was Billy getting ready to do?
Go camping
"Oh man, not during my favorite show," thought Kenny. The TV went black. Kenny felt his way around the kitchen and found a flashlight. As Kenny looked outside he noticed the dark homes in his neighborhood. Bam... thunder boomed above. Then Dad walked in with candles. What happened at Kenny's house?
The lights went out due to a storm
"Dad, I'm going out to play," called James. The sky was grey. James grabbed his jacket and gloves. Then he grabbed his blades and helmet. When James got to his buddy's house, the boys grabbed a two sticks and a couple of pucks. "Don't forget your hat,dude," yelled James.
Where are the boys going?
The boys are skating and playing hockey
Bill needed lemondade...NOW!! He wiped the sweat from his forehead and sat in the green grass to cool off and rest. The sky was blue, and the sun was bright. Bill was excited to go the lake later on. He'd cool off and enjoy his time away from the school. What season is it?