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  1. Identity Crisis
  2. 5 Stages of Dying
  3. Mid-life Crisis
  4. Imaginary Audience
  5. Menarche
  1. a The first menstrual period
  2. b 1)Denial
    5) Acceptance
  3. c A period of intense self-examination and decision making; part of the process of identity formation
  4. d Elkind's term for adolescent's delusion that they are constantly being observed by others.
  5. e A time when adults discover they no longer feel fulfilled in their jobs or personal lives and attempt to make a decisive shift in their career or lifestyle.

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  1. An awareness that objects continue toe exist even when out of sight
  2. Erickson's term for the development of a stable sense of self necessary to make the transition from dependence on others to dependence on oneself
  3. An organ that nourishes the embryo and the fetus
  4. A child engaged in a recreational activity alone; the earliest form of play
  5. New born babies

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  1. Embryothe developing human organism


  2. Piaget's Concrete-Operational StageChildren become more flexible in their thinking


  3. Sucking ReflexThe baby's tendency to suck on anything that enters its mouth


  4. Gender-Role AwarenessThe realization that gender does not change with age


  5. Piaget's Preoperational Stagerepresenting things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning