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  1. Alzheimer's Disease
  2. Swallowing Reflex
  3. Critical Period
  4. 5 Stages of Dying
  5. Neonates
  1. a New born babies
  2. b A time when certain internal and external influences have a major effect on development; at other periods, the same influences will have little or no effect
  3. c A neurological disorder, most commonly found in late adulthood, characterized by progressive losses in memory and cognitive and changes in personality.
  4. d Enables the baby to swallow milk and other liquids without choking
  5. e 1)Denial
    5) Acceptance

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  1. The time in a woman's life when menstruation ceases
  2. Sense of independence; a desire to be controlled by others
  3. name given to a human embryo after 3 months
  4. The average ages at which skills are achieved such as movement, grasping, crawling and walking
  5. An awareness that objects continue toe exist even when out of sight

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  1. Piaget's Formal-operational StageCan now think logically and about hypothetical statements, can judge consequences, increases with age.


  2. Cooperative PlayTwo children playing side by side at similar activities but playing little or no attention to each other; the earliest kind of social interaction between toddlers


  3. Piaget's Preoperational Stagerepresenting things with words and images; use intuitive rather than logical reasoning


  4. Gender ConstancyA little girl's knowledge hat she is a girl, and a little boy's knowledge that he is a bay


  5. Sucking ReflexThe baby's tendency to suck on anything that enters its mouth