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Which two instruments would most likely have played the basso continuo in the Baroque era?

Cello and harpsichord.

Baroque composers used dissonance for emotional intensity and color.


Which of the following was NOT an important scientist of the Baroque era?


The ideas and music of the Florentine Camerata led directly toward the development of:


How many players are needed to perform a Baroque basso continuo?


Who is best viewed as the first master of opera?


The acceptance of Barbara Strozzi in intellectual and musical circles was typical for women in the Baroque era.


Purcell's Dido and Aeneas was first performed at the girls' boarding school where he taught.


Who was the librettist of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas?

Nahum Tate

What is the form of the chorale tune Wachet auf?

bar form (A-A-B)

A chorale is a hymn tune associated with German Protestantism.


When Handel arrived in London, he established his fame by composing:


Why is Messiah so popular in England and America today?

It is sung in English.
The first part is appropriate for the Christmas season.
It combines vocal soloists, chorus, and orchestra.

Water Music by Handel is best described as a:


Mouret's Rondeau was most likely intended for an indoor theater concert.


The Alla hornpipe movement from Water Music is characterized by:

instrumental groups exchanging motivic ideas.

A gigue is best described as:

a lively sextuple-meter dance.

Vivaldi's solo concertos typically had four movements.


In the slow movement of Spring, from The Four Seasons, Vivaldi evokes a dog barking through:

an ostinato rhythm.

Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos?

A. Johann Sebastian Bach

Vivaldi lived and worked in:


At the beginning of a fugue, the countersubject is stated alone.


Bach's last demonstration of contrapuntal mastery was:

The Art of Fugue.

What is a toccata?

an improvisatory, virtuosic keyboard work

In the field of keyboard music, Bach's most important collection was:

The Well Tempered Clavier.

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