· Under Connecticut insurance law, discrimination is not considered unfair if it is based solely on any of the following reasons?
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· Josephine, a saleswoman for Massachusetts-based Concrete Forms, Inc., is injured while visiting one of the company's independent suppliers in Illinois. Even though the supplier is not part of Concrete Forms, Josephine's injury might be covered for workers compensation benefits under which of the following situations, if any?
· Metropolitan Millinery rents the first floor of a building to sell and repair hats. One of Metropolitan's employees fails to extinguish a cigarette, which ignites paper in a trash can. The resulting fire and smoke damage the interior of the store. How will Metropolitan's businessowners policy cover this, if at all?o fire legal liability coverage· To identify what perils they cover, property insurance policies use either the named perils approach or the:o open perils approach· Becky is asked to give examples of tangible property. She provides four examples, but only three are correct. Which example is incorrect?o her brother's generous nature· What was the original purpose of the Second Injury Fund?o To supplement funds for claims caused by pre-existing conditions· What auto symbol is shown on the declarations page of a business auto policy to indicate that only specifically described autos are insured for that coverage?A· Jack knows that his homeowners policy pays for damage to the home on the basis of replacement value. However, he worries that loss to his personal property will be adjusted on an actual cash value basis. What is his objection to actual cash value and what, if anything, can he do about it?o With actual cash value, loss is depreciated based on age and condition. An endorsement can settle personal property losses on a replacement cost basis.· The Connecticut Special Provisions endorsement amends which dwelling policy exclusion that applies if the insured knowingly intends to commit a loss?o Intentional Loss· The truckers policy insures motor carriers that operate:o only on a "for-hire" basis· The building and personal property coverage form of a commercial property policy includes what three categories of covered property?o building property, business personal property of the insured, and personal property of others· An unendorsed dwelling policy generally covers all the following risks EXCEPT:o Vandalism