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this foreign leader disappeared for 20 days in the spring of 2020, leading to speculation he might have been seriously ill. name this leader of the workers' party and supreme leader of north korea.
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this architect's buildings include te general motors technical center in michigan and the chapel of the massachusetts institue of technology. which architect pioneered the use of the massachusetts institue of technology (MIT). which architect pioneered the use of the curtain wall is best known for his design for the gateway arch?
this actor made it back to television with a series about a contractor helping to raise his kids now that his wife has gone back to work. name this actor who starred as adam burns on "man with a plan" before it got cancelled in 2020.matt *leblanc*this 1836 riot, spurred by a lack of food, was the largest civil disturbance in the confederacy during the civil war. which riot was led by a group of women marching toward government food storehouses?the *richmond bread* riotmath computation: what is the length of the major axis of an ellipse with the following equation: (x-8)²/144 + (y • 2)²/225 = 1 [the quantity x minus 8 end quantity squared over 144 plus the quantity y minus 2 end quantity squared over 225 equals 1]?30in english folklor, she is the queen of the fairies. which woman is depicted by mercutio, in shakespeare's "romeo and juliet", as the fairy who brings dream of their innermost wishes to men?queen *mab*alfred, lord tennyson wrote a poem about this scandinavian sea monster that slept in the deepest part of the ocean. which sea monster was probably based on sightings of giant squids?the *kraken*this belgian artist was a prominent member of the surrealist movement. which artist featured recurring symbols, such as the castle, the rock, and the bowler hat in his paintings?rene *magritte*in june of 2020, temperatures here reached 100 degrees for the first time ever. name this region tat is believed to be the first place above the arctic circle to ever hit triple digit heat.siberia (verkhoyansk)this process involves the artificial application of water to land as well as the removal of excess water. what is this process which allows for better agricultural production.irrigationmath computation: add the following radicals and simplify: 19√3 - 57√2 + 36√ - 25√3 [radical 3 minus 57 radical 2 plus 36 radical 2 minus 25 radical 3].-6√3 - 21√2 [negative 6 radical 3 minus 21 radical 2] (or -21√2 - 6√3)the shrine in jerusalem is the oldest surviving islamic monument. what is the name of this shrine built over a site that is scared to both muslims and jews?the *dome of the rock*the three primary signs of this condition include excessive urination, excessive thirst, and hunger due to the inability to use sugars. which condtion is caused by the absence or low levels of insulin in the body?diabetesthis poetic form of italian origin has continued to be used regularly by major poets for more than 700 years. which form was at its height of popularity during the time of petrarch and william shakespeare?sonnetin this game, a bag in-the-count is worth 3 points. in which game do teams of 2 players throw their bean bags toward a leaning polished board in an attempt to land bags on the board or in the hole?cornholethis decisive battle in the first decade of the hundred years' war resulted in an english win, with just 200 losses to france's 14,000. which 1346 battle saw english archers overwhelm the french cavalry?battle of *crécy*math computation: what is the median in the following set of data: 124, 154, 167, and 188?160.5this three-word latin term is used in literature to describe any epic or other narrative that starts with an event requiring flashbacks to explain the current action. what is this term for starting a story in the middle?*in medias res*science computation: what is the molar mass of mercury if 8.000 moles has a mass of 1604 grams? express your answer in grams per mole.200.5in the mesopotamian religion, she is the goddess of dates, wool, meat and grain had the storehouse gates as her emblem?ishtarin 2020, this man was relieved of command, recommended for reinstatement, then fired from the command of his navy vessel. name this captain of ths u.s.s. theodore roosevelt who pleaded with his superiors for help battling an outbreak on his ship.captain brett *crozier*this 20th century american journalist and tv news anchor was known as "the most trusted man in america." which journalist, the long-time anchor of cbs evening news, reported the assassination of john f. kennedy in 1963 and the apollo 11 moon landing in 1969?walter *cronkite*what name is given to a 3-dimensional figure that has 11 faces?hendecahedra (or hendecahedron or undecahedra(on))this play was the basis for an opera of the same name by wolfgang amadeus mozart. which play features the villainous count almaviva who tries to prevent hs servant's marriage because he wants the bride for himself?the *marriage of figaro*science computation: given that the half-life of uranium 235 to lead-207 is about 0.704 billion years, hold old, in years, would a rock formation be if it had a 3.125% ratio of lead-207 to lead-204?3.52 billion yearsin 1966, this artist, one of the founders of pop art, became the first american to exhibit at london's tate gallery. which artist presented comic strip art in a fine art format?roy *lichtenstein*during a cloning experiment, this is added to the heterogenous suspension process after the cells have absorbed the applied plasmid. which material, chosen based on the resistance of the plasmid, is added to destroy all the non-plasmid carrying cells, just as a doctor prescribes to help fight off and infection?anitbioticin 2012, this former eco of the godfather's pizza chain ran unsuccessfully for president, and on June 20, 2020, he attended the Tulsa rally for president trump. who was this man who died of coronavirus on july 30, 2020?herman *cain*he played last season in Seattle and was considered one of the top free agents on the market as of july 2020. which edge rusher was drafted first overall by the houston texans and played five seasons for them before being traded to the seahawks in 2019jadeveon *clowney*this legendary nightclub in the Harlem district of new york city featured prominent black entertainers who performed for white audiences. which club served as a venue for such entertainers as duke ellington, cab calloway, and louis armstrongthe *cotton club*math computation: convert into a binary number, the base ten number 841010100in 1789, france's national assembly adopted the 17th articles of this charter of human liberties. which charter contained the principles that inspired the french revolution*declaration of the rights of man* and of the citizenhe ended his mlb career with more than 3200 hits, 1900 rbis, and 660 home runs. identify this giants center fielder with 12 gold gloves, often called the second greatest player of all time and nicknamed "the say hey kid".willie *mays*on august 22, 1485, this famous battle ended the war of the roses. which battle established the tudor dynasty on the english thronebattle of *bosworth field*math computation: find x between 0 and 360 degrees, such that: tan x=-√3(x=) 120, 300this novella by john steinbeck was made into a three-act play, adapted for television three times, and made into two major motion pictures. which novella told the story of two migrant workers named George and lennie?*of mice and men*science computation: what is the full electron configuration for neon?1s²2s²2⁶the swiss water process was developed to remove this substance from coffee beans. which substance is removed when green coffee beans are soaked I water which is then filtered through a carbon filter and absorbed back into the beanscaffeinemath computation: solve the following logarithmic equation for x: loglogx1/625=-4this social reformer laid the foundation for the philosophy of modern nursing. which woman cared for soldiers in the crimean war and was known as "the lady of the lamp?"florence nightingalethe formation of this structure ends the stage of development called cleavage in a new embryo. what is this hollow structure in which the blastoderm is a sheet of cells surrounding the cavity called the blastocoel?blastulathis country music legend used the alter ego luke the drifter to record the now classic songs "ramblin' man" and "men with broken hearts." which singer died on his way to a new year's day concert on december 31, 1952?*hank williams*, sr.