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The Factors that affect the growth in population within the Sub Saharan African Regions

Rule of Thumb

The Poorer the country, the higher rate of population growth

Largest Growing part of the World

Sub Saharan Africa

Demographic Indicators

Longevity, Infant Mortality, Fertility, etc.

Extreme Birth Rates

Over 3%

High fertility rates

Over 5%

Short Life Expectancy

50 years or LESS

Doubling Time

30 years or LESS

Central and Southern Africa

HIV/AIDS epidemic


Very High estimates by 2050

Health Threats

Malaria, Sleeping Sickness

Disruptive Factors

Low Education, Illiteracy, No Water, No Health Care, No Agriculture, Disease, No Economy

Overwhelmingly rural environments


Over 80% Affected

Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Niger, Burkina Faso

Subsistence Agriculture

Female Farm Labour

Persistent Conditions of


Most Serious Problem

Female Illiteracy

Dependent on - Economic

Formal Colonial Powers


Malaria, Yellow Fever, AIDS

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