History: Chapter 11 Lesson 2

What is a census?
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What halted construction on the national road?the war of 1812Where did the first section of the national road run?from Maryland to Wheeling, West VirginiaTrue or false: Road travel was more comfortable than river travel.FalseWhat were the two negatives to river travel?They only flowed from North to South when they also needed to go East to West. Moving upstream was slow and hard.Who did Robert Livingston hire to build a powerful steamboat?Robert FultonWhere did Livingston want the steam boat to go?up the Hudson RiverWhat was Fulton's steamboat called?ClermontWhat areas did the canals connect?New York City to the Great LakesWho led the plan to create canals?DeWitt ClintonWhat is a canal?an artificial waterwayWho mainly worked on the Erie Canal?Irish immigrantsWhat are locks?sections of canals where water levels were raised or loweredTrue or False: Canal building was dangerous.TrueHow did the canals have a negative effect?They caused erosion and made water levels lower.How long did it take to build the Erie Canal?8 yearsHow many locks does the Erie Canal have?85How did people travel across the canals?Donkeys pulled themWhy was it hard to live in the West compared to the East?The people were not used to the West and had to majorly adjust.How much elevation did the Erie Canal have?500 feet