History and Systems SG1

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Lesson learned from the "gorilla" experiment.
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Ch.2According the textbook, the dominate idea of the 17th century was what?The idea of mechanism involved the movement of atoms to explain the universe was developed by what two people?Where did Descartes that the mind-body interaction occurred?What are the contributions of Rene Descartes to modern psychology?Doctrine of positivismDoctrine of materialismWhat essay by John Locke marked the formal beginning of empiricism?John Locke used the metaphor of what to illustrate the same point as Aristotle did by referring to the mind a wax (typo:blank slate) slate?tabala rosaWhat philosopher believed that the only things that humans know with certainty are those objects that are perceived?John Mill demonstrated a radical perspective because he believed that the mind is a(n) ____.Ch.3Bessel's discovery had an impact on what sciences?Until the work of what person, experimentation was not preferred method in physiology?"Acts like a chicken with its head cut off" is a description of behavior that has its roots in whose research?Why were German universities a fertile ground for scientific advances?Helmholtz emphasized a(n) approach.Who invented the ophthalmoscope?Herman von HelmholtzWho devised a theory of color vision?The modern notion of subliminal perception rests on the idea that the threshold of perception or consciousness can be determined. The first experimental illustration of psychological threshold was demonstrated by whom?According to the text what is true of Fechner?What is psychophysics?Short Answer QuestionsWhy did Germany play such an important role in the development of experimental psychology?Why believe that the roots of psychology began 2000 years ago, not just 200 years ago?The philosophical contributions to the basic principles of Psychology are integral to understand the basis and development of humanity's understanding of self