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  1. Trimurti
  2. Avatar
  3. Agni
  4. Mantra
  5. Historical Method
  1. a cant understand the document unless you understand the historical context in which it was written
  2. b in Hinduism, a principle Vedic god; god of fire, sun, and lightning, and mediator between mankind and the gods
  3. c Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu
  4. d syllable (example: om), doesn't mean anything but when it gets repeated a lot it relaxes you, repetition of a syllable helps you focus
  5. e rama and krishna

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  1. intended to illustrate the differences and approaches to life between Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
  2. root meaning of Karma is action, active in society, help people but also come to notice the difference between the active me and essential me
  3. A cylinder with prayers written on it used by Tibetan Buddhists. They believe it gets rid of bad karma and creates good karma.
  4. model is Bodhisattva, the emphasized helping, main value is compassion, variety of scriptures
  5. people of Jainism, 5 million in the world today, growing in the US

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  1. Venerable Onechief deity of the Aryans; depicted as a colossal, hard-drinking warrior God of thunder and strength


  2. Mokshaphysical universe looks real but its not, it is an illusion


  3. Reincarnationthis spirit, mind, presence is found in this body but has been in other bodies in the past


  4. Bhakyi Margaintellectual route, idea of liberation through study and philosophical argument, books will help me understand myself, philosophical reflection through education, not many people do this


  5. Orthodoxyapproved and required standard of belief, the right beliefs you have to have in order to be part of this religion; superior religion


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