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  1. Vedas
  2. Law of Manu
  3. Critical Method
  4. Dharma
  5. Ahimsa
  1. a not hurting by having a soul, non-injury to any being understood to have a soul, sometimes leads to vegetarianism, reluctance to see red meat, applies throughout Hinduism and is seen in Jainism and Buddhism too
  2. b understood to be the holiest of Hindu scriptures, God's word. Not used very much, respected from afar. Holy books of ancient times but still very important
  3. c not negative, evaluative, some parts of sacred text are more important than others
  4. d hinduism, do my "duty", people dont have the same duty
  5. e defined how Hindus live individually

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  1. the middle way between self indulgence and asking too much of yourself on the other hand, finding the balance, steers clear of extremes --> thoughtful path
  2. one who doesn't own property, person who is poor by choice, intentional poverty, living for other purposes, monk
  3. someone that can think and use their head
  4. Savi's another pair, sometimes reincarnated as a cow, gentle, stable, works to maintain peace on earth
  5. conquerer, winner, winner over karma, conquerer of himself

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  1. Raja Yogamodel is Bodhisattva, the emphasized helping, main value is compassion, variety of scriptures


  2. Arhattells Siddartha lies, evil spirit


  3. PaijusanaJain festival commencing eight days before the new year; a period of fasting and meditation.


  4. Asceticismturning your back on physical possessions and pleasures


  5. Digambaradedicated to living life as Mahabira did, sometimes practice ritual nudity, live more often in Southern India, have very small role for women --> greatest temptation for all sinful acts (only hope is to be reborn a man)