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  1. Dukkha
  2. Tanha
  3. Lakshmi
  4. Sannyasin
  5. Paijusana
  1. a Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity
  2. b 1st noble truth, suffering is real, universal and surprising. Suffer when we don't get what we want and we also suffer when we do get what we want because when we get what we want we only want more
  3. c 2nd noble truth, excessive desire or craving is usually the cause of suffering, the cause of suffering is wanting, desires can never be personally met
  4. d stage 4 of 4 ashramas
  5. e Jain festival commencing eight days before the new year; a period of fasting and meditation.

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  1. going against Orthodoxy. Understood not to be thinking what they need to be thinking or believing. Been executed in the past, some feel they are "dissing" God. Wrong belief (according to some religious groups)
  2. defined how Hindus live individually
  3. another title for Vardhamana, means worthy one (our hero)
  4. Buddhist heaven, being in control of your life and being prepared for another form of existence, heaven begins here if you can control your life, person who has become mature for ultimate salvation
  5. King of India, politically powerful. Lived in 200 BCE and got power in a very ruthless fashion, after he got into power he converted to Buddhism, one of Buddha's main advertising person and commissioned schools to train Buddhist teachers and they eventually became missionaries and were sent out of India to convert everyone to Buddhism

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  1. Mantratells Siddartha lies, evil spirit


  2. Reincarnationpreserving the original teachings of Buddhism, Gods dont have a big role, do it as Siddartha Guatama did it, idea that the goal in life was to become a saint, main goal is wisdom, limited idea of what scripture is, pali texts are the ONLY scriptures


  3. AnatmanNot just the source of reality, but it is reality. Everything else may look real, but they dont understand what is really real. Only one reality. A spirit and not material, nothing to do with matter, material universe is unral, eternal. Always been and always will be. Abstract force in the universe


  4. IndraStorm/wind god. The Roarer. Worship of Rudra and use of the epithet Shiva led to worship of Shiva. Rudra is still recognized in some tantric rituals.


  5. Watthe Hindu goddess who destroys evil; wife of Shiva