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  1. Golden Mean
  2. Rahula
  3. Dharma
  4. Digambara
  5. Jina
  1. a hinduism, do my "duty", people dont have the same duty
  2. b the middle way between self indulgence and asking too much of yourself on the other hand, finding the balance, steers clear of extremes --> thoughtful path
  3. c conquerer, winner, winner over karma, conquerer of himself
  4. d Buddha's son
  5. e dedicated to living life as Mahabira did, sometimes practice ritual nudity, live more often in Southern India, have very small role for women --> greatest temptation for all sinful acts (only hope is to be reborn a man)

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  1. chief deity of the Aryans; depicted as a colossal, hard-drinking warrior God of thunder and strength
  2. new group that broke off from shvetambara, suggestion of interplay within religions, had origins in the 1400s shouldnt depict divine figures; wrong to place too much emphasis on a person by drawing pictures of them
  3. somewhat parallel to western religion, choose a God to focus on and if that God does not seem suitable choose a different one, prayer, shrine in home dedicated to God
  4. the restatement of a message (as a religious one) in rational terms; removal of all super natural in texts
  5. physical universe looks real but its not, it is an illusion

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  1. Indir Ghandia girl who was prime minister of India, re-elected four times, Father was Mayru


  2. Cosmogonysomeone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future


  3. DivaliHindu new year; festival of lights to represent knowledge


  4. Heresyunderstood to be the holiest of Hindu scriptures, God's word. Not used very much, respected from afar. Holy books of ancient times but still very important


  5. Historical-Critical Methodologies (HCMs)not negative, evaluative, some parts of sacred text are more important than others