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  1. Jnana Marga
  2. Mohandas Ghandi
  3. Bhakyi Marga
  4. Pali Texts
  5. Golden Mean
  1. a somewhat parallel to western religion, choose a God to focus on and if that God does not seem suitable choose a different one, prayer, shrine in home dedicated to God
  2. b language, oldest Buddhist scriptures
  3. c intellectual route, idea of liberation through study and philosophical argument, books will help me understand myself, philosophical reflection through education, not many people do this
  4. d A 20th-century Indian who helped lead his country to independence by using nonviolent resistance to colonial rule.
  5. e the middle way between self indulgence and asking too much of yourself on the other hand, finding the balance, steers clear of extremes --> thoughtful path

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  1. liberal monks, old, wear white robes, largest j-monastic group, men and women are equal in terms of salvation and largest percentage are women
  2. the Hindu goddess who destroys evil; wife of Shiva
  3. dedicated to living life as Mahabira did, sometimes practice ritual nudity, live more often in Southern India, have very small role for women --> greatest temptation for all sinful acts (only hope is to be reborn a man)
  4. someone who goes into a trance and can predict about the future
  5. looking at sacred texts and determining what they mean, most every religion will do this

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  1. Sthanakavasi24 great super saints, didnt worship but greatly admired, first 22 are legendary, vardhamana is the 24, means someone who made a religious finding or understanding, 23 is a monk named Parsha


  2. Mahayanapreserving the original teachings of Buddhism, Gods dont have a big role, do it as Siddartha Guatama did it, idea that the goal in life was to become a saint, main goal is wisdom, limited idea of what scripture is, pali texts are the ONLY scriptures


  3. Jinapeople of Jainism, 5 million in the world today, growing in the US


  4. Mantrasyllable (example: om), doesn't mean anything but when it gets repeated a lot it relaxes you, repetition of a syllable helps you focus


  5. ParvartiMature Buddhist, a type of Buddhist saint, the ultimate lifestyle, type of Buddhist saint whose able to be in control of your life, a candidate for salvation, a candidate for Nirvana


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