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  1. Dialect diversity in English
  2. approaches for teaching writing instruction
  3. informal writing assessments
  4. cognitive processes needed to internalize language rules and vocabulary in L2
  5. explicit instruction in academic language and vocabulary
  1. a building background, modeling text type, guided practice and independent writing
  2. b teacher feedback, formative assessments (analytical-micro analysis and holistic analysis)
  3. c KWL charts, vocab development, student experiences,illustrations, webbing
  4. d memorization; categorization and generalization (categorize and generalize vocabulary); metacognition
  5. e ELLs learn more than 1 standard English, many dialects

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  1. MELA-O, Woodcock Munoz Language, IDEA
  2. explicitly teach vocabulary, grouped reading, multiple assessments, culturally relavant instruction, age-appropriate instruction, teach phonemic awarness and phonics
  3. Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills: surface skills students pick up in 1-2 years of being around native L2 speakers
  4. focus on students communicating naturally in second language; conversation instead of grammar; teaching strategies: role play, games, interviews, negotiation
  5. changing the word order changes the meaning

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  1. Language Assessment Batteryapproach to writing instruction from personal experience; stories about personal experiences are written by teacher and read together until learner associates written form of word with spoken; can also be a group activity restating stories read by teacher


  2. relationship and transfer of 1st language reading skillsrely on students'phonemic awareness in 1st language and make explicit the differences, effect on pronunciation and decoding strategies, mostly positive and helpful


  3. Labov Sociolinguistic Theorycreated the term of ebonics, African American English has its own rules and should be respected


  4. Woodcock Munoz Language SurveySEI: students of diff. L1s together; teachers use English and aids to focus on content rather than language


  5. communicative competenceability to understand appropriate behaviors and language for various situations