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  1. advantages of reading assesment
  2. Gersten SEI Theory
  3. strategies for teaching subject matter and for developing ELL CALP
  4. integration of content and language objectives
  5. phoneme
  1. a practice strategies for marking up the text, review objective several times in class
  2. b smallest unit of sound in language (sss in snake)
  3. c frequent leveling to scaffold students to higher levels
  4. d 1) providing comprehensible input 2) providing explicit instruction 3) integrating content and language objectives 4) supporting students' use of English to discuss and consider subject matter content
  5. e Early Exit Bilingual: some initial instruction in L1, primarily for reading but also for clarification, instructions in L1 are phased out rapidly

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  1. Chomsky says that children are born with a knowledge of the principles of the grammatical structure of all languages, and this inborn knowledge explains the success and speed with which they learn language.
  2. how sentences connect structurally (ellipsis, conjunctions, etc.)
  3. changing the word order changes the meaning
  4. focus on students communicating naturally in second language; conversation instead of grammar; teaching strategies: role play, games, interviews, negotiation
  5. group discussion, hands-on, engaging, partners, independently, students can apply content and language objectives, 4 corners, send a problem, jigsaw

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  1. comprehensible inputway of speaking and explaining that the students can understand (modeling, visuals, hands-on activities, demonstrations, gestures,body language


  2. Hymes Sociolinguistic Theorythere is a connection between society, culture and language


  3. approaches for teaching writing instructionbuilding background, modeling text type, guided practice and independent writing


  4. sheltered strategies and reading intervention approaches1) students should have access to early literacy programs in L1 2) early assessments in L1 for learning disabilities and literacy level 3) provide grade-level content in English by giving simple directions 4) comprehensible input 5) make connections and use clear baackground 6) teach reading strategies and focus on vocabulary 7) word webs and KWL charts


  5. integrated language teachingthe emerging language system person creates based on L1 and L2 knowledge to communicate in L2


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