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  1. natural approach
  2. Krashen 2nd Language Acquisition Theory
  3. Dialogue Journal
  4. approaches for teaching writing instruction
  5. effective strategies for oral skills
  1. a requires natural interactions (not grammar drills), students will pick up grammar rules naturally by being immersed in L2; need to interact with language w/o worrying about being corrected
  2. b natural genuine learning situations where they use both conscious understanding of a language and subconscious (take cues from visual and commands)
  3. c building background, modeling text type, guided practice and independent writing
  4. d journal kept by two people, usually student and adult
  5. e frequent testing and surveys, speaking and vocabulary games for practice, flashcards, commands, visuals

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  1. rely on students'phonemic awareness in 1st language and make explicit the differences, effect on pronunciation and decoding strategies, mostly positive and helpful
  2. basic reading and writing skills
  3. MELA-O, Woodcock Munoz Language, IDEA
  4. smallest unit of meaning in language (e.g: act, cat, pre)
  5. writing about personal experiences, writing for a purpose, KWL< word wall, text reconstruction, sequencing sentences, cloze reading and writing, jumbled sentences

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  1. BIlingual Syntax Measure IIstudent applies knowledge of L1 to L2


  2. Cohesion (discourse feature)how topic is organized as a whole


  3. Rossel and Baker SEI TheorySEI: students of diff. L1s together; teachers use English and aids to focus on content rather than language


  4. communicative competencefocus on students communicating naturally in second language; conversation instead of grammar; teaching strategies: role play, games, interviews, negotiation


  5. explicit instruction in academic language and vocabularyKWL charts, vocab development, student experiences,illustrations, webbing