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  1. What uses mechanical and chemical digestion to tear up and break down food
  2. What organelle is a large membrane bound storage space for water
  3. What organelle produces ATP energy, convert chemical energy from food into compounds that are more usable
  4. Why can water dissolve many substances
  5. What organ absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream
  1. a It is a polar molecule
  2. b Mitochondria
  3. c Vacuole
  4. d Mouth
  5. e Small intestine

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  1. Large Intestine
  2. A tissue
  3. Mixture
  4. Ribosomes
  5. Smooth ER

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  1. What is the positive pole of a polar moleculeHydrogen


  2. What organ has no functionGall bladder


  3. What organelle stores DNA and instructions for making proteinsRibosomes


  4. What organ produces bile, and filters blood, transforming some nutrients into usable formsLarge Intestine


  5. What knob is used for focusing under low and high power objectivesFine adjustment knob