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  1. What acts as a storage site for feces
  2. What is the negative pole of a polar molecule
  3. What organ stores swallowed food and mixes it with digestive juices
  4. What are positively and negatively charged atoms
  5. What organelle produces ATP energy, convert chemical energy from food into compounds that are more usable
  1. a Ions
  2. b Oxygen
  3. c Stomach
  4. d Mitochondria
  5. e Rectum

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  1. Ribosomes
  2. A tissue
  3. Large Intestine
  4. Pharynx
  5. Anus

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  1. What refers to the chemical activities that occur in an organismHomeostasis


  2. A small membrane bound sac that transports substances in cellsIt is a polar molecule


  3. What is the positive pole of a polar moleculeOxygen


  4. What organ stores bileGall bladder


  5. What moistens food so it's easier to break downSalivary Gland


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