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  1. What uses mechanical and chemical digestion to tear up and break down food
  2. Where are proteins are processed and package into new vesicles
  3. What organ removes water from undigested material
  4. What is the attraction between molecules of the same substance
  5. What is a community called that cannot go through any more succession
  1. a Cohesion
  2. b Mouth
  3. c Climax community
  4. d Golgi apparatus
  5. e Large Intestine

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  1. Liver
  2. Solute
  3. Fine adjustment knob
  4. Polar molecule
  5. It is a polar molecule

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  1. What organelle allows substances made in the nucleus to pass into the cytoplasmNuclear membrane/envelope


  2. What organ has no functionAppendix


  3. Anton Van LeeuwenhoekAnus


  4. What releases wasteAnus


  5. What acts as a storage site for fecesRectum