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  1. What organelle directs production of proteins
  2. What knob is used for focusing under low and high power objectives
  3. What organ produces bile, and filters blood, transforming some nutrients into usable forms
  4. What is the portion of the internal membranes that have ribosomes
  5. What acts as a storage site for feces
  1. a Liver
  2. b Rough ER
  3. c Rectum
  4. d Ribosomes
  5. e Fine adjustment knob

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  1. Solute
  2. Appendix
  3. Nucleus
  4. Salivary Gland
  5. Gall bladder

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  1. What refers to the ability to maintain a stable internal environmentHomeostasis


  2. Where are proteins are processed and package into new vesiclesRectum


  3. What organelle is a large membrane bound storage space for waterVacuole


  4. What organelle carries out photosynthesisChloroplasts


  5. What is the attraction between molecules of the same substanceAdhesion