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  1. What is the positive pole of a polar molecule
  2. What is the attraction between molecules of different substances
  3. What organelle directs production of proteins
  4. What acts as a storage site for feces
  5. Atoms with a different number of neutrons of the same element
  1. a Rectum
  2. b Isotopes
  3. c Adhesion
  4. d Hydrogen
  5. e Ribosomes

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  1. Solute
  2. Salivary Gland
  3. Anus
  4. Oxygen
  5. Large Intestine

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  1. What do you you when focusing a microscopeCoarse adjustment knob


  2. What organ produces bile, and filters blood, transforming some nutrients into usable formsLarge Intestine


  3. What connects the mouth to the rest of the digestive tractSolvent


  4. What uses muscles to push down food into the stomachSmall intestine


  5. What is a group of similar cells that work togetherOrgan system