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  1. What is the source of energy in an ecosystem
  2. What organelle produces ATP energy, convert chemical energy from food into compounds that are more usable
  3. Atoms with a different number of neutrons of the same element
  4. Why can water dissolve many substances
  5. What is the substance that is dissolved
  1. a The sun
  2. b Isotopes
  3. c It is a polar molecule
  4. d Mitochondria
  5. e Solute

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  1. Esophagus
  2. Gall bladder
  3. Smooth ER
  4. Mouth
  5. Golgi apparatus

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  1. What organelle is a large membrane bound storage space for waterVacuole


  2. What are small organelles filled with enzymesLysosomes


  3. What is the positive pole of a polar moleculeOxygen


  4. What organelle carries out photosynthesisRibosomes


  5. What acts as a storage site for fecesGall bladder