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  1. What knob is used for focusing under low and high power objectives
  2. What is the negative pole of a polar molecule
  3. What is a group or organs that work together
  4. What connects the mouth to the rest of the digestive tract
  5. What are small organelles filled with enzymes
  1. a Organ system
  2. b Fine adjustment knob
  3. c Oxygen
  4. d Pharynx
  5. e Lysosomes

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  1. Adhesion
  2. Smooth ER
  3. Solvent
  4. Cohesion
  5. Rough ER

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  1. What are positively and negatively charged atomsIons


  2. What is a community called that cannot go through any more successionOrgan system


  3. What organ absorbs nutrients into the bloodstreamSmall intestine


  4. What is the source of energy in an ecosystemThe sun


  5. What organ stores swallowed food and mixes it with digestive juicesStomach


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