Aseptic Techniques

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lymphangiograma radiographic visualization of the part of the lymphatic system ; a needle or catheter is inserted into a lymphatic channel either in the arm or foot , and a contrast medium isd injected into bodymicroorganisimsmicroscopic organisims ; those of ther medical interset include bacteria , fungi, and protozoa ,and virusesmyelographyan x x ray exam of the spinal canal ; a contrast agent is injected through a needle into space around the spinal cord , to display the spinal cord , spinal canal , and nerve root on an x ray ; purpose is to evaluate spinal cord and / or nerve root for suspected compressionpneumothoraxaccumulation of air or gas in the pleural space , which may occur spontaneously or result from trauma or pathologic process or which may be introduced deliberatelypurulentcontaining pus ; purulent is often used in regards to drainageserousresembling serum, have a thin watery constitution ; varios bodily fluids that are typically pale yellow and transparent , and of benign nature , that fill the inside of body cavitiessterilefree of living microorganismstracheostomya surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea through the neck, also used to refer to the creation of an opening i the anterior trachea for insertion of the tube to relieve upper-airway obstructions and to facilitate ventilationtrendelenburg positionA position in which the patient's feet and legs are higher than the head. patient is supine the head is tilted downward 30 to 40 degrees , patient inclined at 45 degrees so that the pelvis is higher than the headurinary meatusexternal urethral orfice ; the opening of the urethra on the body surface through which urine is dichargredvoiding cystourethrogramradiographic procedure obtained by the use of fluroscopy and contrast agent introduced trough the catheter in the bladder ; radiographic images are obtained before , during , and after voiding of bladder , urethra , and kidneys