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______ psychologists believe behavior is motivated by inner, unconscious forces
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Which of the following statements accurately describes the diverse sub fields of psychologyThough they are individually separate and distinct, they all share a common goal of understanding behaviorThe phrase tabular ads may be translated asBlank stateWhich of the following figures best approximates the number of major perspectives in psychologyAbout five_______ psychology focuses on higher mental processes, including thinking, memory, reasoning, problem solving, judging, decision making, and languageCognitiveWhich of the following statements about psychiatrists is trueThey most often use treatments involving the prescription of drugs.According to ______ the human perception, or understanding, of objects in greater and more meaningful than the individual elements that make up these perceptionsGestalt psychologyThe neuroscience perspectiveConsiders how people and nonhumans function biologicallyWhich of the following statements describes the behavior perspective of psychologyIt emphasizes that observable, external behavior, which can be objectively measured, should be the focus of studyNoreen asserts that our behavior is motivated by inner forces and conflicts about which we have little awareness or control. This viewpoint is most consistent with the _____ perspective in psychology.psychodynamicThe emphasis of the humanistic perspective is on:free willWhich of the following is a trend in the near future of psychologyThe branches of psychology are likely to be increasingly influenced by neuroscientific approaches.The approach used by psychologists to systematically acquire knowledge and understanding about behavior and other phenomena of interest is called:The scientific methodWhich of the following sequences correctly arranges the steps in the scientific method from first to last?Identify problem → formulate explanation → carry out research → communicate findings________ are broad explanations and predictions concerning phenomena of interest.theoriesWhich of the following sequences is correct?theory → hypothesis → operational definitionWhich of the following defines the term "research"?A systematic inquiry aimed at the discovery of new knowledgeWhich of the following types of research offers the insights into relationships between variables but cannot determine casualityDescriptive and correlational researchExpeirmental research is to correlational research what _____ is to ______Cause; associationMartina is conducting a research study with two groups, namely group A and group B. Group A receives a treatment for severe depression, while group B does not receive any treatment. Group A in Martina's study is the_______Control groupWhy are control groups included in experimentsTo ascertain cause-and-effect relationshipsA hypothesis is best defined as aa prediction stated in a way that allows it to be testedResearch in which existing data, such as census documents, college records, and newspaper clippings, are examined to test a hypothesis is known as _____.archival researchMark is a criminal psychologist. For a study, he is using newspaper clippings that are available in a federal database. Mark is conducting a(n)archival research studyEvelyn, a psychology graduate, watches parent-child interactions in a park. She simply records what she sees and does not make a change in the situation. The method she uses is known asnaturalistic observationWhich of the following statements is true about descriptive research?It is designed to systematically investigate a person, group, or patterns of behavior.Felix's research focuses on an adolescent who committed a mass murder at his school, Felix uses data from the adolescent's school and medical records and interviews the adolescent's friends, family, and teachers, in which type of research is Felix engaged?Case stidyWhich of the following statements best expresses the relationship between a sample and a populationA population includes a sample.Dr. Estevez prepares a set of questions to ask college students about their drinking behavior and their attitudes toward alcohol. Dr. Estevez is undertaking a(n):survey research______ is an in-depth, intensive investigation of an individual or small group of peoplecase studyCorrelation research isresearch in which the relationship between two sets of variables is examined to determine whether they are associated, or "correlated"The strength and director the relationship between the two variables are represented by a mathematical statistic known asCorrelationThe only way psychologists can establish cause-and-effect relationships through research is by conductingexperimental researchIn an experiment studying the effects of alcohol on social anxiety, alcohol is the ______variableIndependentIn an experiment studying the effects of alcohol on social anxiety, social anxiety is the _______DependentIn a typical Lantane and Darley "bystander" experiment, _______ is the independent variable and ______ is the dependent variableThe number of people present whether the participant helpsKendra is combining the results of a number of experiments to yield an overall conclusion. Kendra is performing a _____.meta-analysisBefore participating in an experiment, individuals should read and sign the ________ form.informed consentAfter a research study, the experimenter should debrief the participants. In debriefing the experimenterprovides a detailed explanation of the study.Which of the following sequences best reflects the order of events in an experimentinformed consent → experiment → debriefingThe goals of psychology includeDescribe, explain, predict, and improve behaviorFactors that distort the way the independent variables affects the dependent variables are referred to asExperimental biasWhat is a placeboA false experimental treatmentTo ensure full confidence in the results of any single experiment, scientists require that research findings be ______, which means they are repeated, sometimes using other procedures, in other settings, with other groupsReplicated