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  1. complimentary tone
  2. faulty use of authority
  3. binary analysis
  4. contemptuous tone
  5. Ad Hominem
  1. a hateful
  2. b a writer tries to convince a reader that there are only 2 sides.
  3. c expressing courtesy, respect, admiration, or praise
  4. d Attacking an opponents character rather than the issue at hand
  5. e information gathered from an unreliable source

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  1. something that stands for something else
  2. fair, honest
  3. making false claims to be someone you aren't (phony)
  4. teasing
  5. basing an argument on insufficient or unrepresentative evidence

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  1. quick fixrelying too heavily on catchy phrases or empty slogans.


  2. contentious toneready to argue


  3. bandwagon appealword order rearanged or reversed.

    example: "Unseen in the jungle, but present"


  4. loose sentencea complex sentence in which the main clause comes first and the subordinate clause follows.

    example: "A car hit him, just as he bent over to tie his shoelace."


  5. turgid tonefair, honest