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  1. consonance
  2. contentious tone
  3. moralistic tone
  4. induction
  5. pathos
  1. a the repetition of consonant sounds
  2. b emotional appeal
  3. c ready to argue
  4. d characterized by or displaying a concern with morality; didactic, overly instructive
  5. e start out all specific examples then conclude with a logical ending

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  1. using a hypothetical concept as if it were a fact

    example: "History has tought us..."
  2. lively, energetic
  3. grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic
  4. using a part of something to represent the whole thing

    example: "look at those wheels!" (refering to the car)
  5. describes the way the elements of a piece of writing are joined together

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  1. syllogisma three part deductive argument in which a conclusion is based on a major premise and a minor premise

    "All men are mortal; Socrates is a man; Therefore, Socrates is mortal."


  2. loose sentencea complex sentence in which the main clause comes first and the subordinate clause follows.

    example: "A car hit him, just as he bent over to tie his shoelace."


  3. red herringreasoning from the general to the specific


  4. Ad HominemAttacking an opponents character rather than the issue at hand


  5. onomatopoeiaconjoining contradictory terms (as in 'deafening silence')