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zeng ye tang

yin fluid xu

liu wei di huang wan

yin essence xu

mai wei di huang wan

kd yin xu with breathing problems

zhi bai di huang wan

kd yin xu with empty heat

zuo gui wan

kd yin xu (no damp)

da bu yin wan

kd yin xu with empty heat, esp. hot flashes

qi ju di huang wan

kd yin xu with eyes problems: kd/lv yin xu

yi guan jian

liver yin xu

yang yin qing fei tang

lung yin xu

bai he gu jin tang

lu and kd yin xu

zhi gan cao tang

ht yin xu

tian wang bu xin dan

ht and kd yin xu

mai men dong tang

st yin xu (lu yin xu)

tian ma gou teng yin

hyperactivity of lv yang

sheng di, mai dong, xuan shen

what herbs are in zeng ye tang?

zeng ye tang

constipation, thirst, dry mouth or throat, dry red tongue with scanty yellow coat, slightly rapid or weak forceless. habitual constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS, hyperthyroidism

shu di, shan zhu yu, shan yao, fu ling, ze xie, mu dan pi

what herbs in liu wei di huang wan?

liu wei di huang wan

lower back and knees soreness and weakness, dizziness or vertigo, tinnitus or deafness, night sweats, nocturnal emissions, thirst, feeling heat in the palms and soles, toothache, chronic sore throat, scanty, difficult or painful urination, tidal fever?

wu wei zi

herb added to liu wei di huang wan for qi wei du qi wan?

mai dong, wu wei zi

herbs added to liu wei di huang wan for mai wei di huang wan?

gou qi zi, ju hua

added herbs for qi ju di huang wan?

zhi mu, huang bai

added herbs for zhi bai di huang wan?

mai wei di huang wan

cough, wheezing, difficult breathing, worse in the afternoon, weak voice, SOB, soreness and weakness of lower back, tidal fever, night sweats or nocturnal emission, red with scanty coat, thin, rapid pulse?

qi ju di huang wan

blurred and diminished vision, dry or painful eyes, tearing when exposed to wind, dizziness vertigo, soreness and weakness of lower back, tinnitus, tidal fever, red tongue with scanty coat, thin rapid pulse.

zhi bai di huang wan

lower grade of fever or steaming bone fever, irritability, night sweats, a feverish sensation in the palms and soles, soreness and weakness of lower back, nocturnal emission, toothache or loose teeth, scanty and difficulty urinating. red tongue with scanty coat or thin yellow, thin rapid and empty pulse.

zuo gui wan

blurred vision, soreness and weakness of lower back, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea, night sweats, dry mouth and throat, thirst with a desire to drink water, lose of hair or teeth, infertility or amenorrhea

da bu yin wan

afternoon tidal fever, a feeling of bone-steaming, night sweats, coughing with scanty sticky blood-streaked sputum, irritability, constant hunger, weakness, pain in the knees and legs, purpura. chief complaint hot flashes

shu di, zhi mu, huang bai

what herbs are in common for zhi bai di huang wan and da bu yin wan?

yi guan jian

hypochondriac and chest pain, epigastric and abdominal distension or pain, acid regurgitation, sour taste in mouth, dry mouth and throat, emotional upset, hiatus hernia. tongue red, dry with dry coating, weak and thin or also wiry.

full heat, phlegm, water retention, diarrhea

what is yi guan jian contraindicated for?

sha shen, mai dong, dang gui shen, sheng di, gou qi zi, chuan lian zi

what herbs are in yi guan jian?

yang yin qing fei tang

white covering or membrane in the throat that is difficult to scrape off (effects breathing), sore swollen throat, hoarse voice, dry nose and lips, fever, breathing similar to wheezing, dry hacking cough. red dry tongue, thin weak rapid pulse.

bai he gu jin tang

dry sore throat, cough and wheezing, may see blood streaked sputum, a feverish feeling on palms and soles, night sweats, anxiety, irritable, thirst, fidgety, afternoon cheek flushing, light sleep, sore low back. red with scanty coat, rapid thin pulse.

zhi gan cao tang

palpitations with anxiety or irritability, insomnia, emaciation, SOB, pale face, possible low-grade fever, cough without sputum or with scanty blood-streaked sputum, night sweats or spontaneous sweating, dry mouth, constipation, arrhythmia, coronary disease. pale with scanty coating, weak, irregular, thin, minute or weak and rapid pulse.

tian wang bu xin dan

irritable, palpitations with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, restless sleep, easily awakened during the night, inability to concentrate even for small periods of time, nocturnal emissions, forgetfulness, dry mouth, dry stools, cankers, night sweats... red tongue scanty coat, thin rapid pulse.

sheng di

chief herb for tian wang bu xin dan?

mai men dong tang

cough with sputum which is difficult to expectorate or spitting of whitish frothy saliva, SOB, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dry throat, lips, cankers, bad breath, thirst, a feverish sensation in the palms and soles. red with scanty coat, thin weak rapid pulse.

tian ma gou teng yin

headache, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, blurred vision, heat rising to the head, tremors, twitching or spasms in the hands and feet, numbness or extremities, insomnia with many dreams, htn, hemiplegia, facial deviation, red tongue, wiry rapid pulse.

qi wei du qi wan

what formula is basically the same at mai wei di huang wan?

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