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What is sediment that is deposited by glacier ice?


During what process does wind pick up fine sediment?


On what continent do continental glaciers exist today?


What forms when a rock in glacier ice slides over the Earth's surface?


What causes sediment and rock to move to lower elevations through time?


What can reduce wind erosion?


What consists of fine-grained, wind-blown sediment?


What are 3 examples of erosion?

Water, wind & glaciers

What is deposition?

When agents of erosion drop the sediments they are carrying as they lose energy. (When sediments are eroded - they are NOT lost from Earth, just relocated!)

What is the difference in a rock fall & a rock slide?

Rock fall is when blocks of rock break loose from a steep slope & tumble through the air.
Rock slide is when layers of rock slip downslope suddenly

What are the 3 forms of glacial deposition?

MORAINE - A big ridge of material that piles up that looks like it's been pushed by a bulldozer.
OUTWASH - Material deposited by the meltwater from a glacier (usually at the end of the glacier).
ESKERS - Looks like a long winding ridge, forms in a melting glacier when meltwater forms a river within the ice.

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