BIOL 210 Ch. 11 Quiz

42 terms by mandercruso

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bacterial endospores

microbial form that has the highest resistance to physical and chemical controls


the process that destroys or removes all microorganisms and microbial forms including bacterial endospores on inanimate objects is


the use of a physical or chemical process to destroy vegetative pathogens is


the use of chemical agents directly on exposed body surfaces to destroy or inhibit vegetative pathogens is


type of control agent that would be used to achieve sterility

vegetative bacteria and fungi

the easiest microbial forms to kill or inhibit are


a cleansing method that mechanically removes microbes and other debris to reduce contamination is


cells in a culture die at a __ rate


the __ is not a target of antimicrobial agents


work by disrupting membrane integrity


__ cannot denature microbial proteins

moist heat

__ does not affect microbial nucleic acids

hydrogen peroxide

physical agent that does not control microbial growth


dry heat is __ efficient than moist heat

121C at 15 psi for 15 minutes

the minimum sterilizing conditions in a steam autoclave are

thermal death time

the shortest time required to kill all the microbes in a sample at a specified temperature is called the

thermal death point

the lowest temperature needed to kill all microbes in 10 minutes is the


__ reduces the number of vegetative forms

ultra high temperature

a method for sterilizing milk, called __ treatment, uses 134C for 1 to 2 seconds


intermittent sterilization, which uses three days of lower temperature team for short periods of time is also called


__ is not a primary target of milk pasteurization


vials of microorganisms that undergo the freeze-drying process called __ will remain preserved and viable for years


removal of moisture by dehydration is called


__ radiation excites atoms to a higher energy state within molecules such as DNA that then leads to the formation of pyrimidine dimers

gamma rays and x rays

electrons are ejected from atoms in cells when organisms are exposed to

OR air, cured meats, surgical gloves, human tissues

items that are typically irradiated in order to kill microbes include:

HEPA filters

__ are used to remove microbes from air


__ is a control method that removes microorganisms rather than inhibiting or killing them


iodophors include __


destruction of all microbial life


destroys most microbial life, reducing contamination on inanimate surfaces


disinfection of a living surface


the mechanical removal of most microbes


any cleansing technique that mechanically removes microorganisms as well as other debris to reduce contamination to safe levels


scrubbing the skin or immersing in chemicals or both


any practice that prevents the entry of infectious agents into sterile tissues and thus prevent infections


a chemical that destroys bacteria except for endospores


chemical agent that kills microorganisms


any process or agent that inhibits bacterial growth


the growth of microorganisms in the blood and other tissues


to kill

stasis or static

to stop

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