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Ava History 4.6 11/2/11 Quiz

What year was Athens forced to join Sparta?
404 BC
Who is Xenophon
Athenian soldier who left Athens after its defeat by Sparta to fight for Cyrus
Who is Cyrus
Persian prince who was trying to overtake his brothers throne
True or False : Many Athenian soldiers joined Xenophon
During what battle was Cyrus killed
The Retreat of Ten Thousand
What happened after Cyrus was killed
the abandoned Athenian soldiers were killed by a Persian general who betrayed the Code of Conduct and Honor of war by attacking them after a truce had been called.
Why is the battle called the retreat of 10,000
becuase after Cyrus was killed, Xenophon led the remainder of the 10,000 Athenian soldiers to retreat
How many soldiers survived with Xenophon?
Who are the 3 great Greek philosophers?
Philospoher =
lover of wisdom
What did Socrates teach others to discover
truth, beauty and virtue
Did Socrates teach by asking questions or lecturing?
Asking questions
What was Socrates found guilty of and what was his punishment?
guilty of "Corrupting the Youth" and made to die by drinking hemlock potion (Poison)
Plato was a student of
T or F? Plato built on Socrates method of teaching
Aristotle was a student of
Aristotle was considered to be
the Father of Modern Science
Aristotle believed to learn through observation
of things and make logical conclusions
Aristotle that that there must be an __________ _________
Unmoved mover (in other words, God of all)