Biology Chapter 15: Evolution

What is evoluton?
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What are adaptations?Species modification in structure, function, or behavior that makes a species more suitable to its environmentWhat is the difference between artificial selection and natural selection?Natural Selection acts without the input of humans, artificial Selection requires human inputWhat are some examples of proof of evolution?Fossil Evidence, Biogeographical Evidence, Anatomical Evidence, Biochemical EvidenceWhat are transitional fossils?These fossils often represent an intermediate evolutionary form of life in transition from one type to another or a common ancestor of the typesWhat is biographical evidence?Biogeographical differences show that a single population can lead to adaptation to different environments through the forces of natural selectionWhat is anatomical evidence?Similarities in structure and function of different body partsWhat are homologous structures?Structures that are anatomically similar because they are inherited from a common ancestorWhat are anologous structures?Structures that serve the same purpose but came about a different wayWhat is Biochemical evidence?DNA, RNA, ATP, Amino acids, ProteinsWhat are amino acids?Building blocks of proteinsExamples of amino acidsThymine, guanine, cytosine, adenine