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Things Fall Apart


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Verb, detected
Adjective, an initial stage, beginning to start
Adjective, about to happen
Adjective, Arrogant and cocky (demanding to be heard)
Adjective, to not provide for future needs (cheap)
Adjective, Sounding sad and mournful (grieving)
Noun, a thing that causes disgust or hatred
Adjective, being very direct, short to the point
Noun, Comfort after a loss
Adjective, feeling sad
Adjective, unwilling and hesitant
Adjective, remorseful, to feel guilty
Adjective, chaos
Noun, A leaf (fern)
Noun, pulse or throbbing
Verb, glory in your self/accomplishments
-Describe Okonkwo's position in the clan and his personality.
-Describe Okonkwo's father.
- his position in the clan is he is the warrior. He is one of the greatest warriors in the clan. He is brave and he also has some anger issues. He is respected in the clan because he is a very good wrestler. He is also feared. He makes money and brings crops into town and is a hard worker. He is a leader.
- He is a coward, a drunk and he is very lazy. He is in a lot of debt and he owes. Lot of people. Okonkwo is ashamed of his father. His father left debt to his son when he died.
-Summarize the conflict with Mbaino and explain how it is resolved.

-Describe how Okonkwo runs his household and explain his reasons for acting this way.
- A women was killed by a man from another tribe. This is an act of war. The way they resolved this is they wanted a female virgin and he wanted a male as well. (An eye for an eye)
- He is strict and he hits his son. He does that because he thinks his son is to feminine. Right now he is not a really big loving father/husband.
-Identify Agbala and why Unoka consulted Agbala. What was the result?

-What does Okonkwo learn about himself after his crop fails?
- He is a speaker for God. They go to him to resolve conflicts and to see the future also for luck. His father was having bad luck with the crops and he told him to stop being lazy.
- He learns that he is a fighter and he doesn't give up.
-What does Okonkwo's criticism of Osugo show about his character?

-Why do Okonkwo's enemies criticize him? Is their criticism justified?
-Explain the importance of the Feast of the New Yam.

-How do you think the narrator feels about Okonkwo's violence towards his second wife?
- the feast is for the earth goddess and it is for good harvest and honors the ancestors. End of the first year and the old yams have to be discarded
- he beats his second wife and he went and shot at her with his gun because he has a bad aim. The narrator was neutral while writing this. He doesn't approve of what was happening but he doesn't write bias because he doesn't approve of it.
What do you think Okonkwo's second wife means when she says that her daughter "will stay"?
-her daughter will live because she has pasted the point of when she would have died