2102- Week 1-3. Kahoot questions

Technique assesses temp, edema, tenderness, and pulsations?
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The client is experiencing shortness of breath (SOB). What would the nurse document?DyspneaWhat is correct regarding blood pressure assessment?A too narrow cuff will result in a reading that is inaccurate and highWhat level of prevention of speech therapy?TertiaryWhat level do health professionals retrain. reeducate and rehabilitate a client that has an impairment?TertiaryManaging a disease too slow or stop disease progression is what level of prevention? example chemotherapyTertiaryIdentifying diseases in the earliest stages is what level of prevention?SecondaryIntervening before health effects occur as what level prevention? example altering risky behaviorsPrimaryWhat is the ANAs first strip in the nursing process?AssessmentThe mother of a 16 month old states her daughter has an ear ache. What is the best response?"Describe what makes you think she is having pain".The use of critical thinking skills during assessment, phase of the nursing process, ensures that the nurse?Completes a comprehensive data baseThe patient rates, their headache, 8/10. The nurse knows this provides what information of the old carts system analysis?S (severity)The nurse using the problem oriented approach to data collection will first?Focus on the patient's presenting situationSubjective data includes?A patient feelings perceptions and reported symptomsTo gather information about a patient's home and work surroundings the nurse will use which method of data collection?Perform a thorough nursing health historyWhen interviewing an older female of Asian descent, the nurse notices the patient avoid eye contact. The nurse should?Consider cultural differences during the assessmentWhen asked to describe the difference between ethnicity and race, what should the student nurse explain?Ethnicity refers to shared identity race is limited to biologic attributesWhen caring for a patient of different culture, it is important for the nurse to understand that?Working within the establish family hierarchy produces better outcomesA client interview consist of three phases. The nurse recognizes that those phases are?Introduction, discussion, summaryThe patient c/o breathing at night. In obtaining data for a problem focused assessment the nurse should first ask?The onset and duration of his presenting breathing problemThe nurse begins assessment of a client that has came to the emergency department, experiencing chest pain by asking?The onset, severity and duration of the chest painThe patient stated he "felt hot". His vitals:101.2 PO, b/p 166/92 and HR 101 bmp. What is subjective data?The statement regarding his feeling hotThe nurse decides to interview the patient using the open ended question technique what is an example of this?"What do you think has been causing your current depression?"The nurse is gathering a health history and the patient says he just lost his job. Job loss best fits wear in the health history?Psychosocial historyThe process of data collection should begin with a nurse, performing a?Patient interviewThe ER nurse is interviewing a client who c\o abdominal pain. Which of the following questions has priority at this time?"When did your abdominal pain begin?"What question is best to learn about our clients religious practices?" do you have any specific, religious, or spiritual practices or beliefs?"The client begins to cry when asked if she is married. What is the best response by the nurse?" I see you're upset is there something you would like to discuss?"A client rings the call light and says "I think I have a fever and my stomach hurts." What should a RN do?Go to the clients room and assess the client32 yo states "always tired, have not seen doctor in eight years no insurance" what will be part of the health assessment? (SATA)-Collecting data on past health -Collecting data on present health -Assessing factors influencing health -Performing a physical examA pt with a left BKA reports pain in his LLE . He asks , " How I can feel pain- my foot is gone ! " What is a good response ? A. After your amputation , pain perception increases . " B. " Nerves send impulses to the brain- you feel pain although your leg is gone C. " Amputating your leg caused damage to the normal tissues . D. " This is unexpected and you should see the pain center soon . "B. "Nerves send impulses to the brain- you feel pain although your leg is gone"A patient has altered mental status ( AMS ) . The nurse knows this comes from which area of the brain ? A. pons B. spinal cord C. cerebellum D. cerebrumD. cerebrumWhat is the correct term for the moment boiling water is perceived as painful ? A. Pain tolerance B. Pain threshold C. Pain intensity D. Pain stimulusD. Pain thresholdThe patient dislocated his shoulder while playing soccer causing what type of pain ? A. Cutaneous B. Visceral C. Somatic D.NeuropathicC. SomaticBowel disorders , labor pain , Gl infection and organ cancer are what type of pain ? A. Cutaneous B. Somatic C. Superficial D. VisceralD. VisceralWhen assessing mental status , the nurse uses which techniques ? A. Asking them about their relatives who have mental health disorders B. Having them describe their ability to work with others C.Asking them to recall how they have coped with daily stress D. Having them demonstrate their ability to reason and calculateD. Having them demonstrate their ability to reason and calculateA pt who has anorexia nervosa reports a healthy diet and no protein calorie malnutrition . Which lab value best confirms ? A. Prealbumin B. Blood glucose C. Serum albumin D. Serum cholesterolA. Prealbumin - takes 24hr or so to get test backAn Asian woman comes to the clinic reporting back pain stating she often uses acupuncture . What's the best response ? A. " When have you last used acupuncture , and what effects did it have ? " B. " Why did you use acupuncture ? " C. " I have heard that many Asian people use acupuncture . " " D. Acupuncture is good for some things but not for major problems . "A. " When have you last used acupuncture , and what effects did it have ? "Pt presents to ED with SOB and CP . He receives an EKG and labs . What level of prevention ? A.Primary B. Tertiary C. Secondary D. Health preventionC. SecondaryA pt present to rehab after a CVA with right sided weakness and is unable to speak . What level of prevention ? A. Primary B. Tertiary C. Secondary D. Health preventionB. TertiaryThe ChooseMyPlate program includes guidelines for A. Children younger than 2 years . B. Increasing portion size . C. Balancing calories D. Eliminating fats .C. Balancing caloriesThe patient has a calculated body mass index ( BMI ) of 34. This would classify the patient as? A. Unclassifiable B. Normal weight . C. Overweight D. Obese .D. ObeseThe nurse is caring for a new pt . Which intervention is the best example of being culturally appropriate ? A. Ask permission before touching a patient during the physical assessment . B. Maintain a personal space of at least 2 feet when assessing the patient . C. Insist family members provide most of the patient's personal care . D. Consider the patient's ethnicity the most important factor in planning careA. Ask permission before touching a patient during the physical assessment .A pt with chronic leg pain controls it with imagery and hypnosis . What is the best response when asked how these work ? A. " The strategies work by affecting the perception of pain . " B. " Both strategies prevent transmission of painful stimuli to the brain . " C. " These techniques block the pain pathways of the nerves . " D. " These slow the release of chemicals in the spinal cord that cause pain . "A. " The strategies work by affecting the perception of pain . "The RN cares for a patient who was admitted a few hours ago . Which action can the RN delegate to a UAP ? A. Finish documenting the admission assessment . B. Obtain the health history from the patient's caregiver . C. Develop the patient's problem list . D. Take the patient's temperature , pulse , and blood pressure .D. Take the patient's temperature , pulse , and blood pressure .When assessing for a possible blood clot in the lower leg of a patient , which action should the nurse take first ? A. Visually inspect the leg . B. Feel for the temperature of the leg . C. Check the patient's pedal pulses using the fingertips D. Compress the nail beds to determine capillary refill time .A. Visually inspect the legWhen admitting a patient who has just arrived on the unit with a severe headache , what should the nurse do first ? A. Complete only basic demographic data before addressing the patient's pain . B. Take initial vital signs and address the headache before completing the hx . C. Medicate the pt for the headache before doing the health history and exam . D. Inform the patient that the headache will be treated after the hx .B. Take initial vital signs and address the headache before completing the hx .A nurse is caring for a pt with heart failure . Which task is appropriate for the nurse to delegate to experienced UAP ? A. Monitor for shortness of breath or fatigue after ambulation . B. Assist with bathing and toileting . C. Instruct the patient about the need to alternate activity and rest . D. Determine whether the patient is ready to increase the activity level .B. Assist with bathing and toileting .The vitals are: b / p 178/92 ; HR 54 ; RR 26 ; Temp 98.9 PO . Which best describes this pt ? A. tachycardic , tachypneic , hypertensive , febrile B. bradycardic , tachypneic , hypertensive , afebrile C. bradycardic , apneic , hypertensive , febrile D. tachycardic , bradypneic , hypotensive , afebrileB. bradycardic , tachypneic , hypertensive , afebrilePt is sitting upright , eyes open & says their name correctly , think they're at the park & it's 2010. The pt is : A. A & OX1 B. A & OX2 C. A & OX3 D. A & DX3A. A & OX1Which vitamin must be ingested daily ? A. Vit D B. Vit K C. Vit C D. Vit Ac. Vit C