Sports Injury Management Final (Jan)

Because the medial and lateral condyles of the femur differ somewhat in size, shape, and orientation, the tibia rotates laterally on the femur during the last few degrees of extension. This action is known as.
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A high-riding patella, a palpable defect over the tendon, and an inability to perform knee extension or perform a straight-leg raise are signs and symptoms associated withExtensor Tendon RuptureTrue or False? The management for a "Stitch in the side" includes application of cold to the involved region to reduce muscle spasm.FalseWhat is the most common mechanism of injury for severe cervical spine injuries?Compressive axial loadingDamage to the common peroneal nerve could result inWeakness in DorsiflexionWhich of the following is a common region for a stress fracture?Medial tibial plateauIf the _______ bursa is inflamed, contraction of the hamstring muscles, rotational movements of the tibia, and direct pressure over the bursa produce pain.Pes AnserineIn an first-time glenohumeral dislocation, the injured arm is usually held in which of the following positions?Slightly abducted and externally rotatedDeceleration combined with a cutting motion is a common mechanism of injury for theACLAn anterior glenohumeral dislocation outwardly displaysA flattened deltoidA direct blow to the lateral aspect of the knee is a common mechanism of injury for theMCLLocking is a classic sign of injury to theMedial MeniscusThe vertebrae that consists of a bony ring with large, flat,superior articular facets on which the skull rests is theAtlas__________ is a condition that,involves degeneration of the epiphyseal end plates of the vertebral bodies and typically included at least three adjacent motion segments.Scheuermann's diseaseImpingement syndrome involves damage to theSubacromial bursaThe central nervous system is composed of theBrain and spinal cordThe main function of the rotator cuff muscles is toHold the head of the humerus in the glenoid fossaThe anterior cruciate ligamentPrevents anterior displacement of the tibia on the femurA function of the plantar arches is toSupport and distribute body weight from the talus through the footIn a static stretch, the action of the ________ enables a safer, more effective stretch.Golgi tendon organsThe functional unit of the spine is called theMotion segmentA shallow patellofemoral groove, genu valgum, increased Q-angle, and excessive foot pronation are potential caused of patellofemoral pain associated withAnatomical malalignmentPatellofemoral stress syndrome often occursWhen the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) is weakWhich of the following limits hip hyperextension?Iliofemoral ligamentTrue or false? An individual focusing on the development of muscular strength, should not work the same muscle groups on successive days, in order to allow recovery from fatigue and muscle soreness.TrueTrue or false? The terms sports medicine and athletic training can be used interchangeably.FalseTrue or false? During the acute inflammatory phase, heparin is released into the injured area, acting as an anticoagulant that results in increased swelling.TrueAs viewed from the side the thoracic and sacral curves areConvex posteriorlyThe true shoulder joint is referred to as theglenohumeral jointA weakened muscle is present in many chronic shoulder problems, particularly among throwers.SupraspinatusThe hip joint is a classicball and socket jointThe is the main body stabilizer during walking or runningHalluxWhich of the following characteristics would suggest a cervical sprain rather than strain?symptoms that persists for several daysAfter executing a tackle by leading with his head a football player is down on the field. Each of the following suggest an u stable neck exceptAll the aboveWhich of the following conditions necessitates immediate referral to a physician?All of the aboveThe two innominate bones of the hip are theSacrum and coccyxThe type of shoe worn has minimal, if any impact on injuries sustained to the kneeFalseThe biceps brachii contributes most effectively to flexion when the forearm isSupinatedThe weakest component of the femur is thefemoral neckWhich of the following conditions warrants activation of EMSKnee dislocationThe thumb has each of the following joint articulations exceptDIP