24 terms

Plate Tectonics Review Sheet

both temperature and pressure do this with depth
scientists study these to learn more about the interior of the Earth
seismic waves
This makes up the inner core
solid iron
this makes up the outer core
iron and nickle
Alfred Wegner use these three types of evidence to support his theory of continental drift
fossils, climate and the edges of continents
all of the continents combined 130mya
the remains of an organism...
mid-ocean ridge
the longest mountain range in the world
sea-floor spreading
creates new land when magma rises to the surface and solidifies
convection currents
caused by the movement of plates
Theory of Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift
cause the continents to move resulting in continental drift
3 types of plate boundaries
transform, convergent and divergent
A rift valley forms where two plates do this....
move away from eachother
tectonic plates
the plastic layer of the mantle
the convection cxurrents in the mantle case the lithospheric plates to move by
creating convection currents
new ocean crust is created here
the center of the M.O.R.
Earth's magnetic field results from the spinning of this
inner core spinning faster than the outer core
the ocean's crust is younger than the continental crust because of this
it is recycled constantly at the M.O.R.
This is what happens at trenches on the ocean floor
magma fills them in
the mass to the volume of the substance
This type of boundary forms at the mid-ocean ridges
divergent boundary
The Earth's plates float on this layer
Oceanic crust is subducted at an oceanic-continental boundary because of this
oceanic crust is more dense