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  1. tundra
  2. westerlies
  3. permafrost
  4. tropics
  5. deserts
  1. a The biome located in the Arctic surrounding the North Pole and Alpine meadows, characterized by very long, cold, harsh winters and minuscule summers. Ground is covered in permafrost most of the year.
  2. b Winds that blow from east to west in temperate zones.
  3. c The region surrounding the equator between latitudes 23.5 degrees north (the Tropic of Cancer) and 23.5 degrees south (the Tropic of Capricorn), which experiences the greatest annual input and the least seasonal variation in solar radiation.
  4. d The driest of all terrestrial biomes, characterized by low and unpredictable rainfall (less than 30 cm per year).
  5. e Continuously frozen subsoil.

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  1. The significant environmental problem by which semiarid regions are converted to desert.
  2. A biome that occurs where a freshwater stream or river merges with the ocean.
  3. The latitudes and the tropics and the Arctic Circle in the north and the Antarctic Circle in the south. They have seasonal variations in climate and more moderate temperatures than the tropics or polar zones.
  4. Major global air movements, resulting from the rising and falling of air masses and Earth's rotation.
  5. Small, drifting animals located in the pelagic photic zone.

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  1. pelagic realmThe seafloor.


  2. phytoplanktonMicroscopic algae and cyanobacteria that carry out photosynthesis in the photic zone.


  3. photic zoneThe zone below the photic zone in the ocean, comprising of the twilight zone (200 to 1,000 m) and the lightless zone that is below 1,000 meters.


  4. coniferous forests(Aka deciduous forests/broadleaf forests) Biomes in midlatitude regions where the moisture is sufficient enough to support the growth of large trees. Temperatures range from very cold in the winter to hot in the summer, with average rainfall around 75 to 150 cm.


  5. benthic realmAll open water in the ocean.