microbiology exam 1

Protozoa _____ are helpful in surviving unfavorable conditions
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fungi that grows as yeast at one temp. but will grow as mold at another temperature are calleddimorphicwhen assigning a scientific name to an organismboth genus and species names are italicized or underlined.helminths are found indigestive systemflagella distributed over its entire cell is calledperitrotrichousflagella at both poles of the cellamphitrichouswhich feature is found in all cellsnucleusCells, like bacteria and archaea, that do not have a nucleus in their cells have traditionally been calledprokaryotesduring unfavorable conditions, protozoa goes to Dormant stage calledcystlipopolysaccharides are important outer membrane components of ______ bacteriagram negativeHow do fungal spores differ from bacterial endospores?fungal spores=means of sexual reproduction and bacterial endospores= survivalparasitic worms have highly developedreproductive systemliving things to small to be seen with the naked eyemicroorganismswhat isn't true about helminthssome have male and female reproductive systems in one animalnot a characteristic of bacteriathey have Dna wrapped around histoneswhat is unique about virusthey do not have a structurelong threadlike branching cell mold are calledhyphaeadulthood and mating of helminths occur in which host?definitive hostprotozoa cysthelp in survivalin humans, helminths generally infect thedigestive tractThe route for infection with pinworm is _________ - ________ transmissionfecal oraltwo major types of helminthsflatworms and roundwormswhich term is not used to describe bacterial cell shapestetradscollection of bacteria that shares an overall similar pattern of traits is calledspeciesendospores areresistant and dormantFilamentous fungi are calledmoldflagella on one side of celllophotriphousJoseph lister developedasceptic technique in surgeryKoch's Postulatesseries of guidelines used to identify the microorganism that causes a specific diseaseRobert kochbacterium bacillusA chain of rod-shaped cells would be called a(an)streptobacillus